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About Destiny Run

Choose your destiny, make your life choices.

#1 Viral Game on Tiktok!

Be Angel or be Devil!

Then Go to Heaven! Or Go to Hell! It is your fate!

So are you a good person or a naughty one?

Divine decision is in your hands now. Use it wisely!

This is the runner of your lifetime and after it! Where will you go in your afterlife? You will find it in this game!

It is your judgement day and gods will judge your choices. Your soul will find its place!

Being a celebrity or a student, an imposter or a doctor, rich or poor; they do not matter! There is only one important judgement: be merciful or be wicked.

The holy justice calls for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Destiny Run?

Destiny Run is a game where you make life choices and determine your fate in the afterlife.

What makes Destiny Run popular?

Destiny Run is the #1 viral game on TikTok.

Can I choose to be good or evil in Destiny Run?

Yes, you can choose to be either an angel or a devil in the game.

What happens in the afterlife in Destiny Run?

In Destiny Run, your choices will lead you to either heaven or hell in the afterlife.

Do my life circumstances matter in Destiny Run?

No, whether you are a celebrity, a student, an imposter, a doctor, rich, or poor, the important judgement in the game is whether you choose to be merciful or wicked.

Who judges my choices in Destiny Run?

The gods will judge your choices in the game and determine where your soul will find its place.

What is the objective of Destiny Run?

The objective of Destiny Run is to use your divine decision wisely and navigate the runner game to see where you end up in the afterlife.
Very fun, barely any ads, good experience! Well done on this game, will rate 4 star if any bugs.
Daisy the Dog
Very good
Priya Arya
Nice game for me i love it
Bishesta Giri
Woah i like this app i also always recording this game so it'll become popular :D
Hazel Gesta
Walid Genid
Wow wow! 😊
Roblox Gamer