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About Rolly Legs

Master your robot and roll, walk, climb your way to the victory!

Roll on slopes to gain speed, and use your legs wisely to climb on difficult areas!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can I control my robot in Rolly Legs?

You can control your robot by rolling, walking, and climbing using your legs in order to navigate through the game.

How can I gain speed in Rolly Legs?

To gain speed in Rolly Legs, you can roll on slopes, which will increase your robot's velocity.
خیلی خوبه
parisa kiani
Sowailm Salea
فوق العاده عالی نمیتونم تصورشو کنم من اوقات فراغتم را با این میگذروندم
Hossein Minaeefar
This game is SOO FUN and has well graphics
Marcus Perez
Good and very good time pass
Priyanka Arora
You are good game
Rohit Roy