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About Subliminal Messages Pro

Exclusive features of the Pro version:
• Unlimited messages.
• Change text size.
• Add multiple messages in one go.
• Be the first to get new features.

Subliminal Messages are everywhere around you! In cartoons, movies and even advertisements. They're more than 50 years old!

It's been proven that your brain picks up these messages without your awareness (PWA) and they can influence your choices in a Good or bad way.

Subliminal Messages can help you Relax, Feel Good, Quit smoking, stay focused and even to memorize stuff!

ENJOY this experience and customize your own messages Now!
You can manually add an unlimited number of messages to be flashed on your screen throughout your day and help improve your Life.

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I really like this one. Better than most of the alternatives. I was wondering if you could put in TTS and make the volume level constant regardless of where the actual media volume is set. There are two othe...
Shane Jackson
I love this app! It's one of the easiest ways to reprogram my subconscious. It's one of the tools I use to better myself and it's effortless.i just let us it run in the background.
Vito Rosato
It's a great app. It would be cool if you can add images and subliminal audio messages as well.