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About ✓ Habitus: Daily Habit Challenge Tracker

Inspired by Matt Cutts @ TED Talk: (3 min video)

*** A fun and practical approach to changing and living your life. ***

Do you want to stay on track with your new year’s resolution? Are you trying to build new good habits and quit bad habits? Do you want to track your goals? Are you looking for starting new habit challenges?

This habit-forming and tracker app helps you start with your new habits. Build new habits by creating challenges and tracking your progress daily.

If good habits are scary, start by creating a new challenge of 30 days.

For example, if you want to have the good habit of waking up early, then try this for 30 days and see how you feel after this challenge. If you want to get in shape, start a jogging challenge of 30 days and set a goal of 100 km/miles, then track your goals.

Join Habit Challenges
Join group challenges created by other users. Or create and share your custom challenge.
The challenges can help you create healthy habits, quit bad habits, exit your comfort zone, start new activities, challenge yourself daily.

Track & Compare
The habit challenge tracker helps you keep track of your progress.
Compare your progress with other challenge’s participants
Analyze your daily challenges and improve your routine. Check your weak habits and strong habits.

Daily Challenges Tracker
Daily challenges can be checked once a day.
E.g. early wake-up, cold showers, and so on.
We call them everyday challenges or daily challenges.

Numeric Challenges
Challenges that require you to add numeric values.
E.g. push-ups challenge (number of push-ups), book reading challenge (number of pages), fitness challenge (number of squats, pull-ups, push-ups), and many more.
Numeric habit tracker will generate charts, habit goals, values heat map and more.

Abstinence Challenges
Abstinence counter app for tracking the number of days without doing a (bad) habit.
E.g. You don't need to check-in in every day that you don't drink, smoke, etc, you just start the abstinence counter.

Goal Tracker
Set your habit challenge goal and take action!
E.g.: running 100 km in 30 days, 1000 push-ups challenge. Then you can track how close you are to reaching your habit goal.

Create Challenges
Create unlimited custom challenges.

Join By Link
Add participants one by one or share the invitation link on social media to let others join.
Habitus challenge tracker is cross-platform.

Auto Sync On Multiple Devices
You don’t need to back up your progress.
It is automatically stored on a cloud database, synced on your devices.

Create Unlimited Challenges
Unlike other challenge tracker apps, you don’t have any limits for the number of challenges you can create. Most habit tracker apps limit the habits to 3-5. This one has unlimited.

No Ads, No Payments, No Limits
First 5000 users will get unlimited access for lifetime.

Other features:
• Streak counter for daily challenges
• Graphs, charts, and stats
• Chat – communicate with other users
• Following other users
• Creating new posts with text and images
• List of habits ideas
• Edit previous days values (only for numeric challenges, at this moment)

Habit Challenges Ideas
* Quit smoking challenge
* Quit alcohol for 30 days challenge
* Take 1 photo for 30 days challenge
* Take cold showers for 30 days challenge
* Meditate for 30 days challenge
* Wake up early for 30 days challenge
* Read/study for 30 days challenge
* Daily affirmations for 30 days challenge
* NoFap challenge
* …and many more. You can create custom challenges, as well.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” – Jim Rohn

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Good experience
Maryam Ashraf
This app really doing great with the challenges post, progress and quotes to boost for our energy. Seriously this is the best app i ever had. Thank you really appreciate.😍🙏
Chen Cedric
It's is so wonderful app thank you for giving this app for me and other people.
Faaizi Uddin
Great app! The owner of the app is also actively improving the app and participates as well in the challenges. i personally found what I was looking for, plus bonuses such as defining metric goals, the commu...
Ivo Figueira
Very useful. Great app
irina vepkhvadze
Nice app.
Hiba M. Hammoud