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About Starfall Numbers

Explore numbers through the magic of curiosity and the power of motivation: the Starfall way! With this app, your child will learn to recognize number symbols and values by connecting them to real-world objects (such as 1 sun, 5 fingers, and 10 toes). Your child will then apply these concepts with counting activities and songs!

Starfall Numbers includes interactive introductions for numbers 0-20, 25, 50, and 100. Counting activities introduce coins, math symbols, and simple expressions while building counting skills from 0 to 100 in entertaining and practical ways. Your child will also enjoy singing along with 15 Starfall math songs. Counting song favorites and calendar concepts are animated playfully, with a closed caption option to display song lyrics. Each activity and song reinforces simple language and basic vocabulary, making this app an excellent choice for pre-readers, emerging readers, and English language learners alike. For accessible content visit

I have bought numerous learning apps and by starfall is the best!!
Vanessa Gomez
Really great
marie miller
My almost 3 year old loves Starfall numbers. I am so glad that I downloaded this app for her. She's really engaged and learning at the same time. I absolutely love that this doesn't need an internet connec...
Tina Mirpuri