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About ClickMeeting Webinar App

Working from home doesn’t have to mean missing out watching valuable webinar content and joining important online business meetings. With the ClickMeeting webinar app, you can quickly attend or host both – educational or marketing webinars, and remote business get-togethers!

With fresh, intuitive UX design and stunning audio-video quality, the ClickMeeting webinar app is a top choice for sharing knowledge and remote collaboration.

From now on, the app can work in the background, so your event is not going to turn off if:

- You use other apps in the meantime, like sending a message to a friend;
- You don’t take any actions on your screen for a longer time.


What can you expect from using the app?

- No screen-swiping to view a presentation, a presenter, and a chat. You can see it all on one screen.
- An incredibly easy way to join online events.
- Audio-video streaming quality that will knock your socks off J


With the ClickMeeting webinar app, you can:

- Broadcast paid webinars, where attendees pay for joining your expert online events;
- Use a customized Call to Action button to redirect your webinar attendees to a landing page of your choice;
- Stream your webinars live on Facebook or YouTube;
- Interact with your webinar audience in real-time with the Q&A mode;
Make the most of your files stored in your cloud (Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive)

ClickMeeting – Inspire, teach, and sell with live and automated webinars

ClickMeeting is a browser-based web conferencing platform loved by thousands of business clients all over the globe. Flexibility and scalability make their webinar platform a top choice for solopreneurs, startups, small and medium companies, and large enterprises who discovered video conferencing as a perfect way to achieve their goals.

Who makes the most of ClickMeeting webinars?

- Marketers
- Sales teams
- Remote teams
- Online teachers
- C-level executives
- Business and professional associations
- HR specialists

What types of webinars can you host with the ClickMeeting webinar platform?

1. Live webinars. A classic and most popular version of webinars. You schedule your online event to happen at a specific time, and then, you meet your audience live. Live webinars are an ideal match with onboarding and training purposes, as well as with sales events and product demos.
2. On-demand webinars. In this option, you pre-record your webinar to release it to your contacts, leads, or students so they can watch it anytime and anywhere they want. If your goal is generating leads and running online courses, on-demand webinars will be a way to go!
3. Automated webinars. Unlike on-demand events, you schedule automated webinars to take place on a specific day and hour. However, just like above, you need to have a recorded material first, and then enrich with tools like Call to Action, a video clip, or a survey.

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