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About Vagaro Pro

VagaroPro is a powerful scheduling & management app for your salon, spa or fitness business. Whether you are a salon, spa or gym owner, a fitness trainer, a booth renter, a yogi, or a massage therapist, download our app that books in 5, 10 or 15-minute increments, handles all appointments, customer information/history, sends automated email & text reminders, & optionally charges credit cards.

We’ve built the easiest & most effective Android Phone/Tablet app for beauty and fitness professionals like you. Our app effectively & efficiently manages your multi-location, large, medium, or small business.

PLEASE READ: Although the app is free, your Vagaro Salon Software, Spa Software or Fitness Software subscription has a very low $25 monthly fee. Try 1 month FREE. (No charge until the 31st day). The app does not work until you create a subscription acct.
Customer Database
1. The app will hold your customer database with contact info, photos, notes, allergies, formulas, appointment history and spending trends.
2. Import all contacts from app w/ one tap. We Import EVERYTHING for you incl customer contact info, memberships, packages, inventory, and gift certificates for free. We have a premium import for appointments & classes, notes, and service menu.
3. Take photos for your mobile-friendly webpage.
4. Track referrals & birthdays to send via email marketing from your app.

1. Add & view appts in daily/weekly/monthly calendar views, for the whole salon, spa or fitness business. Easily switch to your other locations.
2. Search available appts on your calendar or the whole business.
3. Triple-book appts to work on customers simultaneously.
4. Manage equipment and/or rooms.
5. Add weekly recurring appts or personal time off, for you or staff.
6. Automatically send email & SMS text reminders & confirmation requests to customers.
7. Customize services, classes, pricing, duration.
8. Works w/ mobile services
9. Drag & drop appointments with one finger
10. Manage your wait list.

POS & Credit Card Processing
1. Set up an online store. Accept prepayments for services, classes, memberships, packages, & gift certificates.
2. Track inventory from purchase order through sale.
3. Manage and sell memberships in-house, online, from Facebook, and even from your own website.
4. Checkout screen automatically calculates totals & sends email receipts to customers w/ their signature or prints them using a wireless printer.
5. Track charges on cash, checks, credit cards, and gift certificates.
6. Accept Credit Cards (Optional w/ merchant services)
7. Securely capture/store credit card info for your customers, for use w/ cancellation policies & online prepayments.

Automatic Sync and Backup
1. All of your appts & data integrates seamlessly: your Phone, Tablet and Computer. NO SYNC NEEDED.
2. We backup all appts & customers so even if you lose, damage, or change your phone/tablet, your info is safe. It will be available no matter what device you view it from.

Manage and run daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly income reports, manage payroll, and track inventory and employee performance from our website. 

1.Create & send promotional emails to your customers on your app w/ 100+ templates or create them.
2. You get a webpage for customers to book/request online appts, buy products & gift certificates, or book available classes. Post services, classes, styles, etc.
3. Get a unique URL on your webpage.
4. Embed our widget on your website or integrate on Facebook w/ Booking App. Book classes, accept online appointments, & sell products and gift certificates from your website or Facebook.
5. Be listed on beauty and fitness search engine, where new customers can find & book with you.
6. List promotions on for free – don’t lose 1/2 your income to daily deals sites.
7. Send automated emails on customers’ birthdays and to lost customers. 

Live support by phone, email, or instant chat 7 days/week

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is VagaroPro?

VagaroPro is a powerful scheduling & management app for your salon, spa or fitness business. It handles appointments, customer information/history, sends automated reminders, and charges credit cards.

Is VagaroPro free?

No, VagaroPro has a low $25 monthly fee. However, you can try it for 1 month for free.

What features does VagaroPro offer for customer database management?

VagaroPro can hold your customer database with contact info, photos, notes, allergies, formulas, appointment history, and spending trends. You can also import all contacts with one tap and track referrals & birthdays for email marketing.

How does VagaroPro handle booking and calendar management?

With VagaroPro, you can add and view appointments in daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views. You can switch between multiple locations, search for available appointments, triple-book appointments, manage equipment and rooms, and customize services and pricing.

Can VagaroPro process credit card payments?

Yes, VagaroPro allows you to set up an online store and accept prepayments for services, memberships, packages, and gift certificates. It also tracks inventory and can securely capture and store credit card information.

Does VagaroPro automatically sync and backup data?

Yes, VagaroPro seamlessly integrates data across your phone, tablet, and computer. It also backs up all appointments and customer information, ensuring it's available even if you change or lose your device.

What reporting capabilities does VagaroPro have?

VagaroPro allows you to manage and run daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly income reports, track inventory, and monitor employee performance through their website.

How can VagaroPro help with marketing?

VagaroPro offers features such as creating and sending promotional emails, providing a webpage for online bookings and product purchases, getting a unique URL for your webpage, embedding a widget on your website or integrating with Facebook, and listing promotions on search engine.

What support options are available for VagaroPro users?

Users can receive live support by phone, email, or instant chat seven days a week.
Lisa Marie Miller
I've been worth vagaro about 3 years now and it's a very good booking site all around. Great add on features, easy to use also very helpful on accessibility with all of their functions.
Syddenna *
Easy to use
Barbara Matorcevic
Great app! A one-stop shop! Awesome!
Americas Barber Coach
Very good
Shannon Dempsey
As a small business owner, Vagaro Pro is the perfect fit for me. They have an excellent support team, accounting organization and marketing solutions!
Anathea Weinrieb