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About Aloft Air Control

Air Control is the new platform from Aloft (formerly Kittyhawk). Air Control is rebuilt from the ground up to bring new levels of automation and compliance to our industry-leading drone operations and airspace management solutions.
Air Control combines the best of our full-stack platform with next-gen tools for team, fleet, and airspace management with LAANC and UTM capabilities, as well as automated flight and mission planning for advanced operations.

We’re an FAA-approved UAS Service Supplier (USS). That means Aloft has met FAA requirements for secure data exchange, operating rules, and airspace safety. Over 2 million flights have flown inside the Aloft platform. We’re proud to be backed by industry leaders including Boeing and Travelers.

Enterprise companies use Aloft to:
- Check airspace and weather with Aloft Dynamic Airspace
- LAANC authorizations both for commercial and recreational
- Access new hardware and accessories for inflight
- Plan missions
- Log flight data
- Fly automated flights
- Run safety checklists and risk assessments
- Track Part 107 certifications
- Monitor battery power and performance
- Sync data from DJI aircraft
- Real-time UTM and aircraft telemetry
- Automated team, fleet, and compliance reporting
- API integrations and webhooks
- Encrypted real-time audio/video streaming

In addition to our mobile apps, we offer a full-stack solution with web tools, API integrations, custom workflows, and support services to get you up and running fast. What can we do for your operation?

We're here to help you fly safely. Reach out any time with questions, ideas, or feedback to [email protected].

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