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About ZIG formerly TARC

#ZIG Do You?
One mile closer with the new ZIG multimodal trip planner app for bus and rail timings. Integrates Uber/Lyft, Lime, Bird, Spin, Taxis, Greyhound and more in a single interface.

ZIG brings you multimodal trip planning including driving, public transit, rideshare, bikeshare, taxis in one single interface. A sophisticated mobility planning experience, now in 7 cities Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Columbus, Cleveland. We are rapidly expanding to 50 other cities. so check back!

ZIG is the winner of the 2019 Innovative solutions award by the metro magazine

ZIG has many features that are not found in other trip planning tools. Some of them are listed below. Check out the zig trip planning app for yourself!

REAL-TIME BUS ARRIVALS: View real-time bus arrivals and schedules directly from the transit agency’s live schedules. ZIG shows you buses on your line on a map in real-time.

STOPS NEAR YOU: ZIG shows the ETA to your stop, route traveled, bus stops along the way…. Download a PDF of the bus schedule in real-time – no more outdated schedules!

REDUCE WALKING TO AND FROM BUS STOPS ZIG provides first/last mile connections with bikes and scooters to reduce long walks. ZIG suggests multimodal connection with Uber, Lyft, bikeshares and scooters, taxis to get you to your destination in the most efficient manner.

VIEW TRANSPORTATION OPTONS NEAR YOU: ZIG shows you bus stops, rideshares, bikeshares available near you to quickly locate your next ride. View your bus stop departure board with real-time schedule updates!

COST COMPARISON BY MODE OF TRANSPORT: Our robust algorithm provides robust trip suggestions and computes costs for each of the modes including transit, rideshare, bikeshare rental estimates, so you can make informed travel choices.

FIND PLACES & AMENITIES NEAR YOU: Hungry and in search of a food court near you? Whether you are at a bus stop or traveling on a bus, ZIG can help find your favorite place in real-time and immediately plan a trip. With ZIG we have integrated your favorite public places including restaurants, shopping, hospitals, entertainment, amenities and services for an integrated transit experience.

RATE YOUR FAVORITE PLACES: Is there a place that stood out in its service quality? Was it crowded? Long line-ups? Safety or cleanliness issues? Provide your feedback on ZIG to inform other users. We will contact the venues and pass on the user concerns (anonymously ofcourse!)

LIVE DOOR TO DOOR DIRECTIONS View detailed door-to-door directions for your entire trip with calories, CO2 reduction and walking estimates for each option presented. How long is your walk? How many bus stops to your destination?

UBER AND LYFT INTEGRATION If you choose to ride Uber or Lyft for your travel, our robust technology will automatically transfer your trip plan from ZIG to the Uber/Lyft app to save you keying-in your trip to two apps. This feature is currently support on Android.

ALERTS/EVENTS: ZIG brings you real-time alerts, news and events directly from the transit agency’s alert feed in your city. Never miss your bus again!

IN-APP MESSAGING: Obtain timely support through our in-app messaging. Ask a question on bus schedules, report a bug or provide app suggestions to help improve your user experience. Key in the subject, describe your issue, upload a pic or video, and submit the request. We will respond within the next business day.

SAVE TRIPS: Save your favorite trips on ZIG for ready access the next time. Plan your next trip with a single click.

CALENDAR SYNCHRONIZATION: Sync your calendar with ZIG to view travel options to your next appointment in real-time. ZIG automatically connects with your calendar with your permission and plans a trip to your next location saving you time and keystrokes.

INTERCITY TRAVEL PLANS: ZIG integrates with Greyhound for visitors to plan intercity travel. View the total cost of your trip prior to making informed travel choices.

This app saved me a lot of time. I dont have to wait at the bus stop. Most of the app is accurate
Jorgh Vicky
This app wipes Google Real Time tracker/Maps by miles. For example, I work in another city that doesn't have bus service. Maps will not even account for walking time, which is about 20 minutes. This app actu...
Keria Knightley
It's very helpful when I'm in a tight spot I just look up ZIG
Thomas Tom