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About Japanese Vocabulary Master

Flashcards Mode
Flashcards would be helpful to improve your Japanese vocabulary. 308 words are contained on the app with their sound files. These words are a bit weird and different from those on other apps. One of targets is to help Japanese learners to feel a piece of Japanese culture through vocabulary. You can check meanings, constructions and pronunciations of vocabulary without connection to the internet.

Record Mode
Each record has its own flashcard set so that you can easily relearn what you've learned.

Favorite Mode
When you learn vocabulary through flashcards, you can use a favorite button to add words on the Favorite words list. Once you add words on the list, you can relearn what you've learned independently of a date stored on the Record Mode.

Vocabulary Mode
With this mode, you can check all words contained on the app.

Multi Choice Quiz Mode
You can try multi choice quizzes.

Add Vocabulary
Here you can add 320+ words with in-app purchase service.

Lee Wen
Ok the first impression was OMG WAT HAVE I COME ACROSS it is an amazing app first off. Second off it teaches u very well. Not even one day has passes and I came to review it
Unique information along with interesting vocabulary word s nice man.