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About Word Tower Puzzles

Get Word Tower now if you’re looking for the most fun addictive word puzzle game!

This game combines the best of word searching and fun of block crash games. Play to exercise your mind! You’ll never experience a dull moment in these entirely new word search puzzles!


Search and find hidden words in puzzles: simply swipe to reveal the words and to bring the word tower crashing down! It’s so fun and easy to start, and then get challenging and addicting soon.


- Topic-rich clues for hidden words in all the puzzles
- 2000+ puzzles from very easy to challenging
- Various props help you get out of stuck: HINT, SPYGLASS, WAND…

- Daily puzzles upcoming every day
- Challenging and fun achievements
- Collect BONUS WORDS to earn coins
- Gain TREASURE CHESTS while levels up. Open them for a bunch of free items!

- Various themes for all tastes: animals, florals, illustrations and more
- Free offline word game. Play it anytime & anywhere!

Download Word Tower now to find more surprises and to have fun with family and friends!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Word Tower?

Word Tower is a fun and addictive word puzzle game that combines word searching and block crash games.

How do you play Word Tower?

To play Word Tower, simply swipe to reveal hidden words in the puzzles and bring the word tower crashing down. It starts off easy but gets more challenging and addictive as you progress.

What are the features of Word Tower?

Word Tower offers topic-rich clues for hidden words, over 2000 puzzles of varying difficulty, and helpful props like hints, spyglass, and wand. There are also daily puzzles, achievements, bonus words for earning coins, and treasure chests with free items. The game includes various themes to suit different tastes, such as animals, florals, and illustrations. Plus, it can be played offline anytime and anywhere.

Can Word Tower be played offline?

Yes, Word Tower can be played offline. You can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Is Word Tower available for download?

Yes, Word Tower is available for download. You can download it now to discover more surprises and have fun with family and friends.
I love this game!
Weber English
Patricia Robinson
Love it..
Kristi Roark
What is the problem with word tower it is stuck please try to rectify the same immediately otherwise I have to stop playing these games
Hensley Johnson
Informative and educational
Lungah Ngobese
Relaxing game
Leah Bartlett