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About Word Search World Traveler

Another awesome word-search game from David L. Hoyt- the most-syndicated daily word puzzle creator in the world!

Word search like you’ve never seen it before with this great new app from the author of "Jumble" and inventor of "Just 2 Words", "USA Today Word Roundup" and many more great word games.

* 3,000+ FREE word-search puzzles, and more on the way!
* Fantastic DAILY GAMES to keep your brain in shape.
* HAND-CRAFTED by David L. Hoyt: All puzzles are written by the world’s top puzzle creator.
* Traditional WORD SEARCH taken to a whole new level.
* Daily REWARDS and lots of BONUSES!
* Tons of great THEMES and puzzle FORMATS- there’s always something new to discover.

Come along with David on a “Word Search World Traveler” adventure! Millions of people love his engaging word find games, and we think you will too!

David is the inventor of many word search games- you might have even played a word puzzle of his and not even have realized it! "Boggle BrainBusters", for example, is the original word link game, and there are so many word hunt and find the word games in the "Word Roundup" family of games that David has truly earned his title of "The Man Who Puzzles the World".

If you’re a word finder looking for your new favorite free game, your search is over! “Word Search World Traveler” is the top game for you- it is word search + so much more.

I've been playing the free games every week for a while. Finally decided to download the app to play. So glad I did. There are so many different types of puzzles. I love it!
Ginny Tracy
Great game. Love the variety of searches using different types of clues. Keeps it interesting and challenging. I play every day.
Lorraine Macleod
I love this game so much! Crossword and word search together! Brilliant
Glenda Rowe