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About Simple Seizure Diary

This app is the perfect way to keep a diary and read it back in a number of different ways at the click of a button. You can share this information with your doctors and family as well. No login or setup required, just download the app and get started straight away.

You can look at your seizures on a month by month calendar, or scroll up and down through your seizure activity easily in the timeline view. You can share seizure data via e-mail in files that anyone can download and view on their computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

You can use a wide range of customisable charts as tools to monitor your seizure activity. This is helpful when trying to find patterns or trends in your seizures. These charts are currently available:
- By date
- By length (in minutes)
- By hour of the day (customisable time frames in the settings menu)
- By day of the week
- By preictal symptoms
- By postictal symptoms
- By triggers

You can also share web versions of the charts via e-mail. There is the option to send the screen you're currently viewing, or all the data from the last 3 months. You can do all these with 3 clicks after you open the app.

As well as adding comments you can label your seizures with colours, if you want to accentuate certain circumstances.

You can also add your own seizure types if the default specified do not match your seizure types, and then remove any if you wish to. Similarly, you can add and remove preictal and postictal symptoms, as well as seizure triggers.

I'm adding features regularly so please feel free to send suggestions to the contact email.

Thank you so much for making this app, it's helping me so much learn about how often I'm seizing and when during the day. I have my bixby button linked to your app so I can instantly click the record button ...
Iona Pelton
Haven't updated my review in a while. I'm glad this app exists. I like being able to open a new event and have auto time. I have a bit of warning with my seizures so this feature is useful. It would be cool ...
Kyle Russell
Briliant app. 1 thing that may be worth adding is different options to see activity, like graph types as it may be easier to see when showing results to doctors etc.