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About Story Games Immortalized

Immortalized is a breathtaking choice-based story game intended to empower, challenge, provoke, entertain — and put YOU in control!

Imagine being Moris, and awaken from a coma with amnesia, only to find you have agreed to a deadly assignment and are in serious trouble! You get unexpected but crucial help from a super hacker named Voly, and find yourself flung head-first into a murder mystery on an exotic island. For the story to proceed, you have to solve Hidden Object Scenes, made easier via awesome Tech Upgrades.

Some of the features you'll discover:
• Innovative Hidden Object Scenes with new and interesting mechanics and challenges- Immersive storyline - Embody different story characters and make choices on their behalf
• Collect rewards, upgrade your Commanders, Drones, Conveyor Belt and Warehouse to master the Hidden Object challenges
• Experience the cinematic, customized and engaging visual and sound effects woven throughout the story & hidden object challenges
• Track and investigate new clues to unlock the mystery behind the story

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Immortalized is a breathtaking choice-based story game intended to empower, challenge, provoke,...

Awesome game, features and story. Everyone must download it 👍
Yuki Scully
Since launching I play this game everyday and I like hidden object game and I like the bonus I can read the story game, but I hope I can watch more ad so I can play more when My energy finish
Indo Bule Update
Really cool app! Graphics are great and the stories are engaging. Can't beat free to play!
Mercy Alonzo
Christian ramos
O my god i like this game
Nayanika Gupta