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About Setups for Racing Games

The app only supports F1 2020, F1 2019 and F1 2018

**New in F1 2018/19/20 -> You can now record setups using UDP. Simply turn UDP on in the game settings (set to the correct mode) then click the record UDP button in app to have your setup auto-populated from that game.**

The Setups for racing games app, allows racers to create setups and share them with the community; as well as view setups posted by other members. If a setup proves to be quick or useful to you you can award them a trophy, give them a comment or share the setup with your friends.

Compatible Games:

- F1 2020
- F1 2019
- F1 2018

Also Available on iOS

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The best go to for setups never lets me down
A Google user
Need to turn your phone horizontally to see the save button (when filling out profile) Hope that helps
Skye J Baker
Super useful, but just like the other F1 setup app. It's lacking any type of sort feature. Sort by car and rating or by car and fastest time would be nice. Will give 5 stars to whichever app if this feature ...
Daniel Black
Helps me in a lof of races with my career. Good idea from developer and you can create you own setup and post for everyone look and use, perfect app !!!
Pedro Guedes
Just what we needed for F1 2018 Yes
A Google user
The game is good I just want to know how I connect the dash up to my game
Kieran Wright