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About All Docs-Excel, Word, PPT, PDF

Step into the world of unparalleled document management with All Docs the definitive All Document Reader app designed to elevate your document reading experience to new heights. Seamlessly access, edit, and organize a plethora of document formats, all within the confines of your smartphone with this All Document Reader app.

Key Features:

PDF Reader
✔ Effortlessly read your PDF documents with the intuitive PDF reader.
✔ Immerse yourself in an immersive full-screen PDF reader mode that enhances your engagement.
✔ Manage and organize PDF files with ease and speed using our advanced PDF reader.
✔ Swiftly search, scroll, zoom, print, and share PDFs, all through the convenience of the PDF reader.
✔ Embrace the comfort of night mode for enhanced eye protection while utilizing the powerful PDF reader.

Docx Reader, Doc Reader, Word document Reader
✔ Swiftly read your Docx documents and Doc Documents with precision using the versatile All Document Reader
✔ Create new documents on the fly, catering to your creative needs, supported by the efficient document reader.
✔ Seamlessly search refine your documents through the intuitive All document reader.
✔ Enjoy the fluidity of Docx reading with seamless scrolling facilitated by the responsive All document reader.
✔ Locate your desired Docx documents promptly through a user-friendly search function within the comprehensive All document reader.

Excel reader, xlsx viewer
✔ Construct spreadsheets a new, harnessing smart Excel tools optimized for excel management.
✔ Skillfully edit and manipulate spreadsheet data, further enhanced by the integrated All document reader.
✔ Immerse yourself in a world of xls viewing excellence with our top-notch document reader.
✔ Embrace versatility with support for xls and xlsx formats through the dynamic document reader.

PowerPoint Reader
✔ Embark on compelling presentations with a dynamic slideshow reader complemented by the powerful document reader
✔ Embrace the power of PPT and pptx files with high resolution.
✔ Effortlessly search and manage your presentations.

Intelligent Document Scanner
✔ Elevate your productivity with on-the-go document scanning, powered by our cutting-edge document scanner.
✔ Capture documents, receipts, images, and more, anytime, anywhere, using the versatile document scanner.
✔ Unleash the power of OCR technology to extract text from images, seamlessly integrated into the document scanner.
✔ Preserve text extracted through OCR as editable documents, effortlessly managed by the comprehensive document scanner.

Supported Formats:

All Docs stands as your unwavering companion, offering support for a myriad of document formats, including:

✔ Word Office Documents: DOC, DOCS, DOCX
✔ PDF Files: PDF Reader and PDF Viewer
✔ Excel Spreadsheets: XLSX, XLS, CSV
✔ PowerPoint Slides: PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX

Experience the future of document management with All Docs. Seamlessly navigate through the realms of text, data, and presentations with unparalleled efficiency. Empower yourself with the ability to read, edit, and organize documents of diverse formats, all conveniently nestled within this transformative Documents app.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is All Docs?

All Docs is a document management app that allows you to access, edit, and organize various document formats on your smartphone.

What are the key features of All Docs?

The key features of All Docs include PDF reading, Docx and Doc document reading, Excel spreadsheet management, PowerPoint presentation support, and an intelligent document scanner.

Can I read PDF files with All Docs?

Yes, All Docs has a built-in PDF reader that allows you to effortlessly read, search, scroll, zoom, print, and share PDF documents.

Is All Docs compatible with Docx and Doc document formats?

Absolutely, All Docs supports reading and creating Docx and Doc documents, providing a seamless reading experience with responsive scrolling and user-friendly search functions.

Can I manage Excel spreadsheets with All Docs?

Yes, All Docs lets you construct, edit, and manipulate Excel spreadsheets with optimized tools, ensuring excellent xls and xlsx viewing and management.

Does All Docs support PowerPoint presentations?

Yes, All Docs enhances your PowerPoint experience with a dynamic slideshow reader, allowing high-resolution viewing of PPT and pptx files.

Does All Docs have a document scanner?

Yes, All Docs features an intelligent document scanner that enables on-the-go scanning of documents, receipts, images, and more. It also integrates OCR technology to extract text from images and preserve it as editable documents.

What document formats are supported by All Docs?

All Docs supports various document formats, including Word Office Documents (DOC, DOCS, DOCX), PDF Files (PDF Reader and PDF Viewer), Excel Spreadsheets (XLSX, XLS, CSV), and PowerPoint Slides (PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX).

How would you describe All Docs in terms of document management?

All Docs is a transformative document management app that empowers users to read, edit, and organize documents of diverse formats with unparalleled efficiency, all within a single application.
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