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About Devout: Daily Bible Verses, Devotions & Prayer

💎 Devout 💎 supports you to pray every day. We Chirstians have to live a daily prayer life. We determine to pray every day for God but it is difficult to keep this commitment only with personal will. Devout helps Chirstians to practice their daily prayer life. And it helps you make the habit of reading the Bible and praying every day. We studied how people make habits, and based on them, we found a way to successfully create a habit of prayer and reading the Bible. Devout is a free app that helps you create a daily prayer and Devotionals into lifestyle habit.

📖 Provides feature to focus on Prayer
Practice daily prayer with Devout.
▪︎ Provide refreshed, carefully selected Bible verses everytime you pray. (KJV)
▪︎ Provide beautiful background music so that you can concentrate when praying anytime, anywhere.
▪︎ Devotionals for newly provided Bible verses each time you pray.
▪︎ Journal and restore what comes to your mind during devotionals.
▪︎ Keep your prayer journal.
▪︎ You can search previous Bible verses and devotional journals.
▪︎ We help you live a faithful life with Quiet Time every day.
▪︎ All of the above features are provided for free.

🌴 Grow your faith and tree by Prayer
Through Devout, you can pray every day and build your faith. Enjoy the tree-raising feature that embodies the healthy growth of my faith!
▪︎ Whenever you read the Bible verse and pray, certain amount of water will be provided to raise the tree.
▪︎ Make it a habit to read the Bible and pray every day, and grow trees.
▪︎ If you don't water the tree for more than a day, the leaves will dry out and the tree will suffer.
▪︎ By daily prayer and devotionals, bear fruit both on your faith and tree!
▪︎ What will happen when the tree grows? Please look forward!

🗓 Review your prayer journals.
Devout helps Chirstians to develop everday prayer cycle!
▪︎ You can check how many days each month you've prayed and did devotionals.
▪︎ You can bring back your devotional journals of carefully selected Bible verses.
▪︎ Reflect on your prayer achivements by monthly calnder and keep up for next month!
▪︎ Instead of blaming yourself, develop a habit of daily devotionals, Quiet Time, and prayer with Devout.

💌 Waiting for your Feedback🙂

▪︎ Email: [email protected]

Devout has a mission to help people who believe in God to enrich their faith. We provided free Bible verses and helps you focus and pray with beautiful background music. In addition, we provided features to journal and restore your thoughts during daily devotionals. And all of these features are designed to be comfortable, beautiful, and easy to use. As you use these features, you can naturally develop a richer habit of prayer life. We are waiting for your feedback to make Devout a better service. If you send us your feedback, we will try to improve quickly and make better service. Thank you. 🙏

Address : 8F, 343 Samil-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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I love this daily prayer app :) Such a great way to start my day! Really blessed and thank Lord for this awesome service. Thank you so much.
James Lee
Out of the other Bible apps I've tried, this one is nice. I came across it just days ago and the music is relaxing and puts me in a Peaceful place. I love the daily and nightly verses. It will be easy to med...
Zach Lee