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About Sum Search= Sudoku + Word Search

"Sum Search" is a new type of brain game. It has a bit of Word Search, as you will have to find the hidden numbers in the board although instead of words they will appear as sums. And it has a bit of Sudoku, but instead of applying logic to solve the puzzle you will need to apply simple arithmetics. You will have to sum quickly, you will have to sum correctly, you may need to use your intuition so you focus your search in the right places of the grid, and you will have a good amount of fun and develop your brain at the same time. This game really improves the way you can do quick sums on your day to day life.
The game includes multiple variations:
· Standard: this is where everything begins.
· No diagonals: a good, easier, approach to Sum Search.
· Fake Objective: where one of the numbers to be searched is actually not there so you have to find everyone else but the fake one.
· Hidden Number: where one of the clues in the grid is unknown. WARNING: this game variant will force you to combine mathematical logic and arithmetic abilities, pushing your brain to the limits. Extensive use of this game mode is discouraged as it will generate an unknown impact to your brain. Our laboratory test subjects have developed multiple unexpected secondary effects, from super powers like telekinesis to plain dementia.

All the game variants include up to 7 difficulty levels. From Kids Mode, with a simple 3x3 board for those ages where they love to do simple sums. To the Impossible level, in a 9x9 board that will really be a challenge…
Other features:
· Check your progress as you advance through the game.
· Compare your time vs. the global average each time you solve a puzzle.
· Complete the daily challenge to keep your brain on shape.
· Have all the fun playing the multiplayer version of the game with your friends, all in one phone.
· And finally, when you are up to it, go for the Primes Challenge, a race against the clock to find prime numbers in an ever increasing difficulty board.

All that in a light app, which does't use much space in your phone and consumes very little battery power.
We hope you like this new puzzle game as much as we liked building it, please share your comments with us and review the app to give us your first impressions.

The game is free and it will eventually be supported by unobtrusive ads.

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Sum Search=Sudoku+Word Search

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Mind blowing work
Awesome! Perfect combination of easy(ish) and hard(ish) problems, using only basic addition, in a very easy to use interface.
Pedro Graca
A Google user