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About Simply Learn Tagalog

★★★ How to say Thank you in Tagalog? Learn 1000+ useful words and phrases in Tagalog language with Simply Learn Tagalog when visiting Philippines 🇵🇭★★★

Simply Learn Tagalog Language App is a FREE 🆓 language app that will assist you to speak Tagalog quickly and effectively ⚡.

All Tagalog phrases and words are presented to you in both phonetic and original Tagalog writing. They are recorded by a native speaker from Philippines 👧🏻.

Save your favorite phrases and words to review them without fuss ❤️.

Study your vocabulary with flashcards using the spaced repetition technique.

Test your knowledge with fun Tagalog language quiz and review your score.

★★★ Survive when travelling in Philippines 🗺️🇵🇭★★★

Use the Tagalog phrasebook to survive in Philippines. All important survival phrases are included.

For example, let the app speak to the Taxi driver 🚕 in Philippines to show them where you want to go.

Search all phrases and words to quickly access what you need.

★★★ Main Features ★★★

✓ 💬 300+ free Tagalog phrases and words
✓ 👧🏻 Recorded by a native speaker from Philippines
✓ 🎙️High quality audio
✓ 📖 Spaced repetition learning system
✓ ❓Tagalog quiz to review your skills
✓ 📈 Track your learning progress
✓ ❤️ Save your favorite phrases and words
✓ 🔍 Quick search function
✓ 🗒️ Copy the phrases to the clipboard (by clicking long on the phrase)
✓ 🔈 Play the sound more slowly
✓ 🇵🇭🇺🇸Adjust the quiz and flashcards settings for Tagalog to English, English to Tagalog

★★★ Learning Categories ★★★

FREE version:
* Numbers 🔢 * Time&Date 🕙 * Basic Conversation 💬 * Greetings 👋 * Directions Phrases📍 * Directions Words 📍 * Eating out in Philippines 🥘 * Sightseeing in Philippines 🎑 * Shopping in Philippines 🛒 * Emergency 🆘 * Accommodation 🏨

PRO version:
* Advanced Conversation 💬 * Health 💊 * Border Crossing 🗺️ * Questions ❓ * Places 📍 * Food 🥘 * Vegetables 🥕 * Fruits 🍋 * Colors 🖍️ * Romance I ❤️ * Romance II ❤️ * Post Office 📬 * Phone & Internet ☎️ * Banking 🏦 * Occupations 💻 * Business Talk 👔 * Hobbies 💖 * Feelings 😊 * Body 🦵 * Animals 🐎 * Family 👨‍👩‍👧 * Countries 🗺️

★★★ Feedback appreciated 👍★★★

If you like this app, please take a few seconds to give a rating or review. If you have any feedback, suggestions or advise I am more than happy if you let me know.

★★★About US 📣★★★

Feedback: [email protected].

Have fun learning Tagalog!

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This app is like having a patient Philippian language teacher.
Joseph Branscomb
this app is awesome I'm from India and i like to learn different Languages ❤️ this app helped so much ... please try to add more words of taglog which is not available in this app 😊
Insane hannah
Amelia Diy
Good and easy to learn
Kevin Sircloumb
Good apps😆
Kny Wte
Open it free please
Ahmad Abdlmonim