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About Whitelines

Use Whitelines App when you want to * capture * save * share, or * continue working with your Whitelines notes! The App removes the background, so all that remains is your writing or drawing over a white background.

Whether you take notes for yourself or to share them with somebody else, Whitelines App will help you do both! Whitelines App will capture your note automatically when it detects all four corner codes on the paper and that light conditions are good enough, and then adjust the image to make it useful to you.

Whitelines App is perfect when you want to:
● Review your notes on the bus before an exam
● Share notes from a class with a friend
● Include a handmade drawing in a presentation
● Post an illustration or note to Instagram

1. Tap the camera icon to enter capture mode. Whitelines App will capture your note automatically when it detects the full page (including all four corner codes), with the logo at the bottom of the page. Whitelines App detects, capture, and straightens your note out, and also removes the background automatically.
2. If you have several pages of notes that you’d like to save as a stack, simply stay in the capture mode and continue capture pages one at a time. Of course, you can also save your notes to existing stacks in the app.
3. Save, Use, and Share the Notes

Choose if you’d like to save your note locally on your phone, or if you’d like to share it–with yourself or with somebody else. You can share your note with any app that processes image files, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, OneDrive, OneNote, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Line, Facebook installed on your phone. Tick the boxes on the paper to email the note or save it to Dropbox or Evernote.

In our latest update of Whitelines App, we’ve made it a little more colorful, improved the resolution of the scans, and improved the management of Whitelines notes within the app.

New features in Whitelines App:
● Improved design and user experience
● Search and sort notes
● Rotate notes
● Higher resolution captures
● Better overview and simplified notes management
● Easier to save locally and export as PDF
● Language support for Swedish and Japanese

If you need help with anything, or have any questions about the app, feel free to read our FAQ. Is something not working as expected? Get in touch with us! We’d love to know where we have room for improvement. Your feedback is important, as it helps guide our future efforts.

Please give us your thoughts on Whitelines App, and let us know what we could do to make it better. It helps us develop the features you want. We’re already thinking about what our next step should be in order to best support your ideas and help you set them free. This update of the app is a step in our efforts to create a digital/analog interface for note taking that will help you grow, learn the things you want to know, pass exams, and collaborate creatively.

Contact us at [email protected]


We’re so happy that you’re here with us, with all your knowledge, all the thoughts that pass through your mind, and all the things you want to learn and do. If you like, we’d love to join you on your journey, and help you in every way we can.

We want our white lines to support you in your quest for new knowledge, as you challenge past truths and look for creative solutions to problems. We want that because we believe in the innate genius of every human being, and in the power of collaboration. When human beings help–and challenge–each other, it makes the world a better place!

The note on page one among the images above was made by Juliette Croce (Instagram: @julestudy) from the USA.

The note on page two among the images above was made by Karin Verdoes (Instagram: @evabrittakarin) from Sweden.

Thank you!


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Love this app🤗🤗🤩🤩🤩it's so easy to use🤗i can always have my notes with me😊😊easy peasy🥰highly recommended ✨ ✨ 🥰
tato Gamezardashvili
Does what it says it will do. Does it really well. I'm impressed. Renders a really crisp image. Easy peasy. I wonder if you have to have a decent phone with a decent camera on it to make best use of this app.
j. hamblyn
Wonderful system for managing hand written notes!
robert E Hartley