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About Yandex Music and podcasts — listen and download

Discover what's new and amazing in Yandex Music!

❶ Tens of millions of tracks
❷ Curated selections for any occasion
❸ Hot new albums and singles
❹ New personalized recommendations daily
❺ HQ sound
❻ Create and share playlists of your favorite tracks
❼ Play music with or without an internet connection
❽ Song Recognition

New releases
Be on topic with the most important new releases, selected by our editors.

Playlists of what’s new and hot
Listen to Premieres – new music, selected by a neural network according to your tastes, Hype – tracks that will be playing everywhere tomorrow,the most highly anticipated tracks in New This Month, and genre-specific playlists that collect the most iconic tracks of a given genre.

Smart playlists
Take advantage of a few hours of free music compiled for you with our smart playlists. Playlists are automatically improved according to your preferences.

An auto-updated list of the songs that Yandex Music users are listening to right now

Moods and genres
An updated section of curated selections: songs by style and year, tracks for different activities and moods, weekdays and celebrations.

Countless podcast topics
Take a break from music! Search the Yandex Music app and find the podcasts that suit your interests. Listen at a normal pace or speed things up to save time. The app remembers where you paused, so you can continue listening whenever you feel like it. Podcasts are a smarter, more convenient way of learning. Tune in and enjoy!

🏆Subscribe to listen offline, in HQ, with no ads 🏆

Download tracks to your phone and listen to music when you’re offline
Subscribe and get access to the entire Yandex Music catalog. Download tracks or whole albums to your phone and play them any time, regardless of whether you have an internet connection.

High quality sound
Hear the difference --turn on HQ mode. Play and download music with a higher bitrate.

No ads
Subscribe to get rid of ads in your app.

First month for free
Try Yandex Music with no risk – new users of the app get their first month of subscription access for free.

Download, play, enjoy!

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It's perfect, no bugs, very good song suggestions and cheap price.
Robert Minasyan
Перешёл на Яндекс.Музыку с YT Music/Google Music, после того как они в кашу превратились, приложение и сервис — восторг! Но ОЧЕНЬ не хватает функции "играть следующим", чтобы трек или альбом добавить к текущ...
Dmitry Suzdalev
В платной версии все хорошо. В бесплатной рекламы стало больше чем по радио. :-)
Alex Polev
Перешел с эппл мьюзик на ЯМ и пока очень рад. Плюсы: 1)Быстрота и стабильность приложения. Работает все без нареканий. На ЭМ было куча багов 2)Главный плюс - рекомендации, это 5+ 3)Радио. Такого тонко настра...
Куаныш Алпысбаев
Vasilina Asaulenko
Прекрасное приложения для прослушивания музыки в высоком качестве без рекламы, тормозов и прочего от Лукавого. Подписка явно стоит того, что бы её хотя бы попробовать и попробовать понять, как вы без этого р...
Dan Green