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About Yandex.Key – your passwords

Yandex.Key is an authenticator generating one-time passwords (OTP) for Yandex, Facebook, Google, GitHub, Dropbox,, and other services with two-factor authentication (2FA). To log in to Yandex, enter this one-time password instead of your regular password, and to sign in to other services, with your normal password.

— Four digits
You no longer have to invent complex passwords to protect your Yandex account. There are just four digits to memorise: they’ll be used by Yandex.Key to generate a unique one-time password valid for less than a minute.

— Data protection
Yandex.Key safeguards your account from being hacked and your personal information from being stolen. One-time passwords will be available only to you, on your mobile device.

— Easy setup
You can add accounts manually, by entering the data from the service you want to use, or automatically, by scanning a QR-code provided by this service.

— Offline use
Yandex.Key doesn’t need internet connection to add accounts and generate one-time passwords, and you don't need to wait for an SMS with your password.

— Additional features
The Key can general six- and eight-digit passwords, depending on the service’s requirements. Besides, the Key can update one-time passwords at different intervals, not necessarily once in every 30 seconds (this depends on the service).

— Security standards
Yandex.Key supports two-factor authentication (or two-step verification) on all services using RFC 6238 and RFC 4226, except for services which only use sms.

— Backing up
Back up the data in Yandex.Key on Yandex's servers, to use in case something happens to your device. It's secure: you backup is encrypted using a password that only you know.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Yandex.Key?

Yandex.Key is an authenticator generating one-time passwords (OTP) for various services with two-factor authentication.

How does Yandex.Key provide security?

Yandex.Key safeguards your account from hacking and protects your personal information by generating unique one-time passwords.

How many digits are used in Yandex.Key passwords?

Yandex.Key passwords consist of four digits.

Can Yandex.Key be used offline?

Yes, Yandex.Key can add accounts and generate passwords without an internet connection.

What additional features does Yandex.Key offer?

Yandex.Key can generate six- and eight-digit passwords and update one-time passwords at different intervals.

Which security standards does Yandex.Key support?

Yandex.Key supports two-factor authentication using RFC 6238 and RFC 4226, except for services that only use SMS.

Can Yandex.Key backup data?

Yes, Yandex.Key allows you to back up your data on Yandex's servers for secure access in case of device loss.
the whole Yandex suite is just perfect
Plamen Nikolaev
The Yandex Key App is awesome, It does the Two Step Verification which also comes with a pin code & A fingerprint protection login also. & One of the best parts of the App is the Backup feature that helped m...
Justinijan Justin Adzijoski
Aleksandr Yurkovskiy
Works wonderfully!
Andrey Orel
В целом не плохо реализовано и удобно. конечно не удобно это все настраивать а так понравилось.
Actually it's ok
Олег Красин