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About Losing weight. Diary of calories

☆☆☆☆☆ Over 3 million downloads!
The most popular app for losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Do you need a diary of calories?
Do you need a BMI calculator?
Or maybe you need a calorie table of products?
Or can you see how you lose weight on the weight chart?

This and much more you will find in the appetite Lose Weight Together!

What can the application offer you:
- A very wide base of dishes, by which you can determine the amount of calories consumed. It includes not only home-made meals, but also those that can be purchased at the store. The assortment of fast food and purchased ready meals is especially widely represented.
- List of diets. Each of the diets is represented not only by the set of the daily menu, but also by the history of occurrence, as well as by the large number of other available information, so that it is easier for the user to make his choice.
- Section with demotivators. This section is very useful for those people who perceive visualization best. It presents a lot of images and texts that make it possible not to forget about what this whole path started for, and stick to it in the future.
- Exercises. In this section, you can always find exercises to keep yourself in shape. Moreover, it will be possible to develop a special program, according to which periodic training will be held. The application will be able to help in this.
- Useful. This section contains a lot of articles about losing weight. Including many myths, because of which people choose their wrong way to lose weight, as well as useful advice contained in a huge amount of important information for those who lose weight.
- Vitamins. This section offers users information about what vitamins exist and what they need the body for.
- Calculations. This category is very important, because it includes the ability to observe the dynamics of losing weight, see changes in nutrition, as well as monitor the consumption of food. To help lose weight, the product database, product table, mass index calculation and other, equally useful sections are presented here.
- Calculators for bodybuilders. This section is intended for people who are engaged in this sport professionally, because their needs differ from the needs of a slimming person.

With the help of a variety of diets and calculators, you can learn a lot about diet, you can keep a diary, which helps a lot in the course of losing weight. Graph BZHU helps to track the entire archive from the diary in a convenient graphical form.
In the appendix a large collection of diets is collected from both ordinary people and from the institutions of beauty of nutrition and health. For example, such as:
- Atkins Diet
- Great Diet
- Economical
- Elena Malysheva
- Diet of Institute of Nutrition of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR
- The Kremlin diet and many others.

Lose weight together expose all the myths about losing weight, tell you what to do better, and what should not be in the course of losing weight. The application is also great for nursing moms. It also contains a lot of useful information and calculators, which can be useful for bodybuilders (bodybuilders).

All this and much, much more you will find in the best weight loss appetite. Together with calories!

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мне ОЧЕНЬ понравилась это приложения ❤
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A Google user
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