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About Avatar Maker: Сharacter creator

  • Avatar Maker is a unique character creator from more 30 ready-made sets with different characters. We have created a single avatar maker, in which creation of character will turn into an exciting adventure.

  • More 30 sets are waiting for you to create an avatar:

  • - chibi dolls, selfie, dancing, kiss, anime avatar.

  • - rock and rap stars, monsters, hackers, celebrities;

  • - princesses, boys, girls, cube avatars;

  • - warrior cats, rabbits, dragons, horses, foxes, mermaids.

  • All characters are collected in one Avatar Maker.

  • No need to download a bunch of apps to create character, in our large avatar maker you will definitely be able to find everything you want. Avatar creation kits are constantly updated, please contact us! Clear interface and beautiful design of anime dress up will appeal to all fans to create avatar or create character for game.

  • All sets are available to create a dream avatar.

  • All sets are available for download and are ready to make character creation easy, and at end of work, surprise with an incredible, unique and beautiful avatar. Create avatar girl, guy, avatar cat or chibi anime is up to you. Avatar Maker app has everything you need to make avatars of most popular anime characters, cartoons, celebrities and avatar hacker.

  • Image editor right in app.

  • Now avatar maker has a built-in editor. Create avatar and edit it with text, drawing, and rotation. Turn pictures into comics by adding speech bubbles and stickers.

  • Features of our incredible app:

  • - choose a character from a large gallery of sets;

  • - wide personalization in each set;

  • - add speech bubbles, drawings, and more;

  • - coloring any element with a choice of colors in a palette;

  • - screen recording in app for taking video of character creation;

  • - save your avatar to app gallery or to your device;

  • - ability to share an avatar with a friend using any messenger;

  • - random avatar, if you have lost your inspiration or want to laugh;

  • - return to editing at any stage of avatar creation;

  • - draw on top of avatar with a pencil, adjust thickness of line, color;

  • - a pack of stylish stickers, apply stickers to any character in game as final stage;

  • - delete any item to conveniently create avatar;

  • - reset result if you didn't like it.

  • Do you want to surprise and stand out your friends with a new avatar?

  • How do I make avatar that everyone will like? Creating character with our avatar maker will be a must-have success! Create and install an anime avatar in any social networks or as an anime wallpaper on your phone or monitor and get enthusiastic comments and likes.

  • There are wishes that need to be implemented

  • Write your suggestions for improving our app "Avatar Maker: Create a character or make an avatar" to us in comments or by email. Tell us which set of avatars you liked most or which character you would like to see in app, we are always happy to hear your feedback!
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