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About Blue VNA

This application can be used to fully control a miniVNA Vector Network Analyzer. Your feedback is essential to make it better. Current version has the following features:

- fully control the data acquisition from a miniVNA, with or without the Extender;
- work over USB, bluetooth or WiFi (if available);
- can display reflection data in rectangular or Smith Chart mode;
- export data in CSV, ZPLOTS or S1P formats compatible with many existing applications;
- parameters that can be measured : SWR, |Z|, Return Loss, Phase, Rs, |Xs| for miniVNA and signed Xs for miniVNA Pro;
- you can select one of the predefined bands (all HAM bands), HF (0.1 – 30MHz), or a custom frequency interval (anywhere between the frequency range of the connected analyzer);

Frequency generator mode with the following features:
- 2 independent channels (for miniVNA pro) or 1 channel (for miniVNA standard or Tiny);
- normal or sweeper mode;
- independent attenuator control per each channel (from -60dB to 0dB), only for miniVNA Pro;
- adjustable phase difference between the channels (0-180 deg);

Cable data mode with the following features:
- cable length is measured in 2 steps, for a better precision (second step reduce the frequency interval);
- operate in meter or feet mode;

L,C,R,X-tal mode:
- measure x-tal resonance frequency and Q in manual or auto mode
- automatically measure inductors, capacitors and resistors

For the full list of features check included help or user guide available on my web site.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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Hi Dan .. Question: Should this work with the VNAmini pro plus2 (the red one with aluminum case) ..
Peter Laidlaw
Greg Ashley
I like it but on my Lenovo TB8704F (display 1920x1104) it takes up all the screen so I can't close it without pressing restart - there is no square box to minimize it and swipe it off. Also the frequencies a...
Kenneth Gray