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About MAX6

This is an application used to fully control a MAX6 Vector Network Analyzer:
Is still in beta so your feedback is essential to make it better. Current version has the following features:

- Fully control the data acquisition from MAX6;
- Support for both 180MHz and 500MHz MAX6 versions;
- Support for all Smartphones and Tablets with a resolution between 320x240 and 1920x1080, based on Android version 2.2 or higher (physically tested on Galaxy TAB 7.7 P6800, SGS, SGS2, SGS3, Galaxy Xcover, Overmax Steelcore 10+ and for the rest of the resolutions on emulators);
- Can connect over USB (on some tablets/smartphones) or Bluetooth;
- Display all the parameters values at the marker position (only for the selected ones);
- Calibration data is saved in the configuration file for each mode (reflection/transmission/frequency), so no need to repeat the procedure each time you start the application;
- Offline mode support allows you to load and/or save vectorial data without connecting to a MAX6. This mode can be used to play with all the features available for both Standard and Pro versions. Some sample files are included in the package;
- Compatibility at file level with Windows applications (ex. Zplots);
- Export data in CSV, ZPLOT or S1P format;
- Fast capture when in continuous mode (only 100 steps) for a higher speed;
- SM6ENG audio mode for easy tuning without looking at the screen;
- MAX6 battery voltage indicator;
- Impedance scale zoom in 3 steps (1000, 500 and 100 ohm);
- Frequency calibration data saved in the calibration file;
- Save screenshots to the ‘exports’ folder through a simple gesture;

Reflection (antenna) and Transmission modes support with the following features:
- gesture (Multi Touch) support for horizontal zoom and frequency shift without a new capture;
- parameters that can be measured : SWR, Z, Return Loss, Phase, Rs, |Xs|;
- you can select one of the predefined bands (all HAM bands), HF (HF, VHF), or a custom frequency interval;
- select parameter to display (using different colors);
- an on screen marker can be activated / deactivated and freely moved by dragging it around the screen;
- toggle display of all the selected parameters for the frequency with the minimum SWR in the selected frequency range displayed. You have the option to make this box full screen for a better visibility when you are outside tuning an antenna;

Frequency generator mode with the following features:
- 1 channel;
- Large DIGITS;
- Easy and intuitive operation, even with small screen devices;
- Possibility to manually enter the frequency through a numeric keypad;
- Working in manual frequency set OR continuous (live) mode;
- Rotary knob to change parameters in both manual and live modes. The knob provides acceleration;
- Frequency calibration can be done in a very intuitive mode from Generator mode.

Cable data mode with the following features:
- large display objects;
- easy and intuitive operation, even with small screen devices;
- background control graphs for Phase and Loss, calculation is done automatically;
- just connect the cable to be measured at the DUT connector with the other end open;
- include a list of well-known coax cables and their Velocity Factor;
- measure and calculate cable length from less than 1m to hundreds of meters;
- cable length is measured in 2 steps, for a better accurcy (second step reduce the frequency interval);
- operate in meter or feet mode;
- measure cable loss for different frequencies from 0.1 To 180/500 MHz;
- can work in Offline mode, if the cable was measured before and data saved in a file.

More details are available in the included help or on my web site.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.
Dan (YO3GGX) and Jarek (SP3SWJ)

Ernest Clark,Jr
MAX6, Dan Toma.
Dee Rose