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About Amusement Park Cards PRO

A very good education app to let you play while learning, and then learn from playing.

Helps you easy learning, and including all new Jigsaw Puzzles feature.

Pro edition features
(1) No Ads, support offline mode
(2) Provides full-function. (★ Auto-Run Mode )
(3) Support Quiz feature.
(4) Support five different puzzle games
(5) Easy drawing pen function
(6) Support "Normal Mode" and "Puzzle Mode"

1. More then 40 excellent cards waiting for you to explore.
2. Contains funny pictures of amusement park.
3. And contains name and pronunciation.
4. Fun puzzle game, let you learning from playing.

It includes 40 picture cards.

The app contains many fancy, interesting, funny cards that make you play and learn at the same time. Moreover, It improves the language learning, cognitive learning and listening ability.

English / Spanish / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / German

[JS10240219 C20.PRO]
[JS1024PRO/[email protected]]

LY Chang