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About Appliances Cards (Learn Languages)

Quick, Fun & Easy Ways to Learn Appliances with Multiple Languages.

The app helps to easy learning many kinds of appliances from the cards and know their names in several languages.
- Learn English
- Learn Spanish
- Learn Chinese
- Learn Japanese
- Learn korean

* Support Quiz feature.

The app provides the best way to get started learning many kinds of appliances which contains many cards, each word card are voice-enabled, and related words and pictures.

* The app supports for language switching, then you can learn many kinds of language at the same time.
(English / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Spanish )

* The App contains 5 kinds of Jigsaw Puzzle Game.

The app contains many fancy, interesting, funny cards that make you play and learn at the same time. Moreover, It improves the language learning, cognitive learning and listening ability.


[J10240219 C18]

Swetha KT