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About Bridge Strike: Arcade Shooter

You mission is simple. FLY, DESTROY, SURVIVE!

Classic top-down perspective, old school graphics, great pixel art and addictive gameplay.

Bridge Strike is a homage to the classic shoot'em up River Raid game.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you played arcade SHMUP games nights and days?

Bridge Strike is not usual SHMUP arcade shooting game, where you fly anywhere with autofire and destroy enemies. You have to think while you fly in this shoot'em up game. You need to be careful, because not everytime faster means better :)

If you are good enough you will be able to change you flying machine to e.g. heli, hovercraft or even a boat!


In this mode you have to destroy as many bridges as possible. Fly as far as you can, fight with enemies and get many points. Thanks to the points you will get attention from other pilots around the world! Yeah, there are leaderboards!


Build you pilot rank. Complete various missions, collect coins and buy new machines!


Villages, cities, deserts and even mountains. Sooo big terrain to discover!


When there is a sun don't wait. Just fly. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a rain or storm with thunders (clouds are dangerous when there are thunders, you may crash).

Flying in the mountains? Be prepared for snow or snowstorm!

What is the worst scenario?

Flying alone.. at night, during the storm with thunders. Nobody said it will be an easy task? :)


Watch out for boats, helis, jeeps, airships and tanks. Ah yeah.. there are also magnetic mines :)


Destroy enemies and collect coins. You can exchange coins in HANGAR for new machines. Fly faster, collect more coins and get your flying machine as best as you can.


- TRUE pixel perfect 2D graphics
- classic arcade gameplay
- fantastic sounds and music
- two game modes: RAID and CAMPAIGN
- various weather conditions
- really cool locations
- leaderboards and achievements
- different machines: jet, heli, boat, hovercraft and more!
- addictive gameplay

Hint: to destroy the mines you have to "fly" on the ground or in the river.

If you are a fan of classic River Raid game or space shooter games or any other retro arcade games you should try Bridge Strike - classic shoot'em up game.

Good luck!

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Excellent new version of River Raid. I missed the original different ringing sound when fuel is complete. It helps to explode the gas tank after it is filled (With that we don't need to look at the pointer m...
Rogerio Penchel
Good game 👍😀
เกียรติศักดิ์ โทระพันธ์
Jeron Ho Jun Hao
I like this game
Kristopher Mendes
Good 👊 what next updates?
joee45 joee
Good controls. Nice retro graphics and a good variety of enemies. I like the implementation of different goals for each level.
Wayne Murphy