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About Pinball King

- Spectator mode is supported (watching CPU's play)
- Single mode: Challenge for higher score
- Multi-player mode : compete with players from all around the world
- Achievement and Leader Board supported
- 16 languages supported
- Tablet Device supported



YouTube :

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Pinball King game?

Pinball King is a game where you can play pinball on your mobile device.

What features does Pinball King have?

Pinball King has a spectator mode, single mode, multi-player mode, achievement and leader board support, and support for 16 languages. It is also compatible with tablet devices.

How can I download Pinball King?

You can download Pinball King from the following link:

Is Pinball King available on social media?

Yes, Pinball King can be found on Facebook at

Can I watch videos of Pinball King gameplay?

Yes, you can watch gameplay videos of Pinball King on YouTube at
Best game best game I've played in last year
Danny Reynolds
It's ok
Jason Hatcher
This is a very fun pinball game. The flippers are quite reactive. Pretty realistic.
Norm McMaster
Cool game.
Neal Kreuser
Great 4 everyone ,I ' ve loved pinball since I was a kid , enjoy the game and and enjoy life planet Earth
Ramon A Luna
Awesome memories of the 1985