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About Best Piano Lessons

★ Over five million downloads ★
★ The greatest piano app ★
★ Designed and tested by professional musicians ★

Can you imagine a moment without your beloved piano?
Don't worry, you can take it in your pocket now!

Do you want to learn the piano? Now it's possible with Best Piano Lessons application. This music app is very simple to use. You can choose from many songs!

Play a song from our list, listen to it and then click on "Learn how to play". Click on the highlighted yellow keys and play the whole song. The application will rate your performance. Become a champion and get 3 stars for each played song!

Are you proud of your recorded song? Share it to other users in the Cloud Playlist. They will rate your song!

Examples of songs in our application:
♫ L. van Beethoven - "Symphony No. 5"
♫ W.A. Mozart - "The Queen of the Night Aria"
♫ J. Pierpont - "Jingle Bells"
♫ L. van Beethoven - "Ode to Joy"
♫ W.A. Mozart - "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"
♫ W.A. Mozart - "Rondo alla Turca"
♫ I. Berlin - "White Christmas"
♫ F. Chopin - "Etude in E Minor"
♫ J.S. Bach - "Air on the G String"
♫ "Happy Birthday to You"
♫ "London Bridge is Falling Down"
♫ "My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean"

The application can also be used as a piano without learning mode. There is also an option to record your own songs. The recording function will allow you to save your musical compositions and play them later. You can set the amount of visible piano keys from 10 to 24. You can move the keyboard with one key or one octave to the right or to the left. This magic keyboard piano will be like your virtual teacher.

★ Always in your pocket

This magic keyboard piano will become your virtual teacher!
Best Piano Lessons is the best solution for both beginners and the masters of the piano.

★ Feel the power of music

Learning will be a fun!

Download this music instrument and learn to play the piano. Become a famous composer like Mozart or Beethoven.

♫ multitouch
♫ learning mode
♫ load and save songs
♫ recorder
♫ tablet support
♫ piano keys from 10 to 24
♫ free
♫ HD graphics
♫ works with all screen resolutions
♫ perfect for musicians
♫ English & Polish languages

Best Piano Lessons is the best solution for both beginners and the masters of the piano. Learning will be a fun!

Download this music instrument and learn to play the piano, compose, enjoy.
Play, learn, compose, have fun.

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We’ll help you learn the piano anywhere, anytime -- with step-by-step video lessons that go where you do, taught by REAL teachers who’ll support you throughout your journey.

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It has enthusiasic lesson
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This is very nice piano app I learn piano very easy
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