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About Skoove Piano Beta

Explore the magic of learning piano and join over 1 million people enjoying interactive piano and keyboard lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Skoove makes it fun and easy to learn some of the most popular music for piano, while teaching you about chords, sight-reading and technique, all in an interactive and engaging way.

Note that this is a beta version of Skoove which might not run as well on older or lower-spec devices. Please let us know if you encounter issues via the 'support' section in the menu of the app.

We’re super excited to be launching Skoove for Android 🎉.

This is an initial beta version of Skoove, where you can still learn ALL our featured songs, from pop hits to classical favorites. And, we’re giving it away FOR FREE! 💪

Once out of beta, Skoove will then offer:
• Guided learning paths for all levels with over 400 piano lessons in 13 courses
• Interactive courses for sight reading, improvisation, composition and playing by ear
• Engaging lessons teaching popular genres such as Blues and Boogie Woogie
• Instructional videos to support you with clear verbal explanations
• MIDI compatibility

Download today and play your way.

Featured by Forbes, The Guardian, Wired and more.

Tune the world out for a few blissful bars.

Start your musical journey today to learn, and fall in love with, the piano. Skoove is there to guide you on this journey; listening to your playing and adapting to you, giving you personal feedback. Skoove is also jam-packed with a huge range of popular piano music which you start learning from day 1.


Play your way
• A rich, curated catalog of music with hundreds of pop songs, classical pieces and music from films.
• Using artificial intelligence, Skoove listens to the notes you play and gives you personal feedback to help you improve.

• One-on-one support with real piano instructors who are on hand to answer your questions.

Play the music you love
• Chart hits - John Legend, The Beatles, Coldplay, Adele, and more.
• Classical pieces - Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Mozart, and more.
• Improvisation* - Learn to compose your very own melodies.

Play by ear*
• Learn to recognize notes and play tunes just by listening to them.
• Learn the steps that will help you to improvise and play on your own.

Play with any piano or keyboard
• Play out loud and Skoove will listen to your playing via your device’s microphone.
• Connect digital keyboards or pianos via USB MIDI or Bluetooth MIDI.*

*the following features do not appear in the free beta version of Skoove currently available, but will be added soon.


“Unlike various other music-learning apps, Skoove’s virtual guide takes the learner through each lesson, and provides real-time feedback that listens to the player as they practice.” - Forbes

“Eventually, notes, keys and names fall into place – I even play four suspiciously simple bars of Bach by sight! With both hands! Success!” - The Guardian

Sign up for the FREE beta version of Skoove today and get full access to hundreds of interactive piano lessons to help you start on your piano journey.

Skoove privacy policy:
Skoove terms and conditions:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Skoove Piano Beta?

Skoove Piano Beta is an interactive app that offers piano and keyboard lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. It features popular music, teaches about chords, sight-reading, and technique. Please note that it is a beta version and may not run well on older or lower-spec devices.

How can I report issues with Skoove Piano Beta?

If you encounter any issues with Skoove Piano Beta, you can report them via the 'support' section in the app's menu.

What features does Skoove Piano Beta offer?

Skoove Piano Beta offers a curated catalog of music, personal feedback through artificial intelligence, one-on-one support from real piano instructors, and the ability to play the music you love. It also allows you to play by ear, recognize notes, and play with any piano or keyboard.

Are there any additional features planned for Skoove after the beta version?

Yes, after the beta version, Skoove will offer guided learning paths for all levels, interactive courses for various piano skills, lessons teaching popular genres, instructional videos, and MIDI compatibility.

What do people say about Skoove Piano Beta?

Forbes mentioned that Skoove's virtual guide takes learners through each lesson and provides real-time feedback. The Guardian shared a positive experience, stating that with Skoove, notes, keys, and names fall into place, leading to success in playing the piano.
So happy Skoove is finally hitting the play store! I have already given my first steps learning piano with the web app and love how it teaches you step by step. Great app. 100% recommend 😊👍❤️
In my opinion, it's the best in the market!
Tae Hun Kim
I love it! It has everything I needed to start off again with my piano play: Playful courses, music theory and lots of popular songs to try out.
Anna Christoffer
Best way to kickstart a piano learning journey. Skoove not only gives you a quick chance to learn to play many songs in short time, but also teaches the basics of music language through different type of cou...
Halid Bayram
Finally this brilliant app comes to Android. I have already spent thousands of hours with the iOS counterpart. I just can't stop playing around with this app.
Martin Mlostek