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About Allegro - convenient and secure online shopping

Allegro - shopping, bargains and promotions!

Allegro Smart! - buy and don't pay for the parcel!

Allegro Smart! Pay once and enjoy free delivery to thousands of polish parcel lockers and pick up points for up to a year!

Allegro Smart! It includes:

• Free delivery of your purchases to the network of thousands of parcel lockers and collection points, as well as registered letters throughout Poland. In total, as part of the service you can use up to 365 parcels with a service paid for 12 months and even 180 parcels with a service purchased for 6 months.

• Free Returns of Allegro Smart shipments, whose delivery was made to Parcel Lockers and collection points (not applicable to registered mail).

• Smart! opportunities to buy products at reduced prices or get access to them earlier than others - check current Smart! occasions.

• Priority service - we will consider applications in the Buyer Protection Program within 2 business days.

You can use Allegro Smart! if the total price of goods from one Seller is at least PLN 40. All offers that you can buy as part of Allegro Smart! are marked with a special Smart icon!

Over 15,000 parcel lockers and pickup points where you can pick up the parcel in Poland, even at a gas station!

Shopping in the Allegro mobile application

Shopping online at the largest Allegro shopping platform. From now on your Android you will have mobile access to millions of items at the best prices. Use Allegro as you want and where you want.

Try the app and see how easy and convenient you can buy items on Allegro:

Easy Login- download the application, enter your login, then password and start shopping.

Friendly shopping - you do not have to worry about anything. You are doing a leisurely shopping, searching for what you need, choosing the item and confirming the purchase. Now you choose the payment method and give the delivery address - and it's done!

Secure payment - payment can be even more secure if you add your credit card and select "payment by credit card" when choosing a payment method. Using a credit card with Allegro's mobile application is completely secure!

Online auctions 🤚 - bid and buy now or through the shopping cart 🛒 in one application. Search, buy and pay for items from your phone or tablet. You can pay by bank transfer online or online using stored credit card 💳. We've added the payment with the renewed limit under Rata Od.nowa. Simply confirm the transaction with an SMS code and enjoy!

Simple and secure payments - transfer, card (not only credit), BLIK, installments, Android Pay.

Notifications - about events on the site: winnings, lost auctions, offer redemption and more.

Access to Allegro bargains (Allegro Okazje) - on the home screen.

Two appearance modes - one designed specifically for tablet users and the other designed for smartphone users.

Search 🔎 - browse search results in the form of regular listing or gallery mode.

Filtering, sorting and narrowing to the category of search results you've selected.

Posting comments as a buyer.

Sharing - sending offers to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and the option of sending the offer by SMS.

Accounts 💵 - check your balance.

Sharing application - we've added the ability to recommend applications to new users.
• and many, many, many more...

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Allegro?

Allegro is an online shopping platform that offers convenient and secure shopping experiences, along with bargains and promotions.

What is Allegro Smart?

Allegro Smart is a service that allows you to buy items without paying for the parcel. It includes free delivery to thousands of parcel lockers and pick up points in Poland for up to a year, free returns of Allegro Smart shipments, priority service in the Buyer Protection Program, and access to special offers and discounts.

How many parcels can I use with Allegro Smart?

If you purchase the service for 12 months, you can use up to 365 parcels. If you purchase the service for 6 months, you can use up to 180 parcels.

What are the requirements to use Allegro Smart?

You can use Allegro Smart if the total price of goods from one seller is at least PLN 40. Offers that are part of Allegro Smart are marked with a special Smart icon.

How many parcel lockers and pickup points are available in Poland?

There are over 15,000 parcel lockers and pickup points where you can pick up your parcels, even at gas stations, in Poland.

What are the features of the Allegro mobile application?

The Allegro mobile application allows you to shop conveniently from your Android device. It offers easy login, friendly shopping experience, secure payment options including credit card payments, online auctions, simple and secure payments, notifications, access to Allegro bargains, different appearance modes for tablet and smartphone users, search capabilities, filtering and sorting options, posting comments as a buyer, sharing offers with friends, checking account balance, and the ability to recommend the application to others.
Częste aktualizacje, wprowadzają nową funkcjonalność i poprawki błędów. Dobra robota Allegro!
Marek Krasnowski
Fajna apka, pozwala na szybkie i łatwe zakupu i bezpieczne zakupy
Natalia Cebula
Good app. Easy to use.
How to change language in app?
Karolis Grigunas
Bardzo dobra aplikacja.
Anna Anna
Krzysztof Flis