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About IKO

Download the latest version of the free IKO application (electronic banking service) and use your bank account at PKO Bank Polski or Inteligo. The IKO app on your phone means fast and secure finances any day.

Activate the IKO app and take avail of the available functionalities:

- account balance, history and details of all bank accounts,
- transfer to any domestic account number via Elixir or as an instant transfer,
- transfer based on data scanned from an invoice or from a QR code in an invoice,
- bank transfer by phone,
- bank transfer to Tax Office,
- foreign transfer,
- standing orders and a series of transfers,
- cash withdrawals from ATMs using the BLIK code,
- cash deposits (at selected ATMs) to your own or another IKO user’s bank account using the BLIK code,
- pre-paid phone top-ups,
- send a transfer request to another user,
- “piggy banks” to set money aside for any purpose,
- generate transfer confirmations,
- preview of unexecuted transactions (pending and canceled/rejected),
- applying for: a bank account (personal, savings and foreign currency*), an account overdraft*.

- history, details and images of your debit and credit cards,
- card management: activation, PIN assignment, change limits, temporary card freeze, restricting the card (with the option of getting a new one*), a change of card image,
- multi-currency card service*,
- transfer from a credit card,
- repay utilized credit card limit,
- credit card as a payments source for BLIK online & in-store payments.

- schedule and details of borrowings,
- apply for a loan*.

- details of term deposits,
- open and terminate term deposits.

- purchase travel and vehicle insurance*.

- contactless payments by phone with NFC**,
- in store payments using the BLIK code/check,
- online payments with the BLIK code/check, also without copying the code in trusted online stores and browsers (Shopping without the BLIK code),
- create and share BLIK checks.

- mobile authorization,
- public transport tickets,
- parking fee,
- "Join our cause": standing orders for charitable purposes,
- push notifications,
- currency exchange*,
- 4 languages: Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian,
- IKO personalization: change the main screen view and product names (accounts, deposits, loans),
- save and restore personalized application settings after re-installing IKO,
- option to simultaneously activate IKO and iPKO using the first login password,
- fingerprint login (Android 6.0 and a fingerprint reader required),
- shortcut button to favorite functions on the home screen,
- receive Western Union transfers,
- create and share QR codes with transfer details,
- currency exchange rates,
- map of PKO Bank Polski branches, ATMs and stores supporting BLIK payments.

For more on IKO go to
For more on IKO activation go to

* Not available for Inteligo customers.
** Contactless payments are available for phones with NFC and minimum Android 4.4 to individual customers with a PKO Bank Polski, including Inteligo, debit or credit card. Contactless payments are not available on the so-called “rooted" devices, i.e. those on which manufacturer's security has been removed.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is IKO?

IKO is a free electronic banking service that allows users to access and manage their bank accounts at PKO Bank Polski or Inteligo through a mobile app.

What functionalities are available on the IKO app?

The IKO app offers various features such as checking account balances, transaction history, and details. Users can make transfers, including domestic, foreign, and tax office transfers. They can also set up standing orders, withdraw cash using the BLIK code, make cash deposits, top-up prepaid phones, and send transfer requests. Additionally, users can manage their debit and credit cards, apply for loans, view term deposits, purchase insurance, make payments through various methods, and enjoy additional functionalities like mobile authorization and push notifications.

Can I use IKO if I am an Inteligo customer?

Some functionalities of IKO are not available for Inteligo customers. Please refer to the IKO website for more information.

How can I activate the IKO app?

To activate the IKO app, please visit for detailed instructions.

What are the requirements for contactless payments using the IKO app?

Contactless payments through the IKO app are available for phones with NFC and minimum Android 4.4. However, these payments are not available on devices that have been "rooted," meaning the manufacturer's security has been removed.
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Wszystko działa tak jak powinno
Ania Adamczyk
Surprisingly well done, looking great and intuitive in use. First of all, as far it seems to be safe and trustworthy. I quickly got used to it. Very convenient in use and making your life much easier, you ca...
Di Rac
very good
Emilia Szostak
Szybko i sprawnie działa!
Wszystko w zasięgu ręki, łatwe intuicyjne menu, dla mnie bardzo dobra aplikacja