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About spacedesk (multi monitor display extension screen)

Turns Android phone, tablet or Chromebook into an advanced extra display for Windows PC and Surface tablets.
Windows Desktop screen content is shown on Android device display.
- Windows Desktop Extension (x10-sion)
- Windows Desktop Duplication (screen mirroring/cloning)

Instruction manual, documentation and detailed setup:

Quick Guide:
1. Install spacedesk DRIVER software for Windows Primary PC (server).
2. Install this app - spacedesk (remote display) app for Secondary Machine (client).
3. Open spacedesk (remote display) app and connect to your Windows Primary PC (server).
 Network connection: Server and client must be on the same LAN and/or WAN.
 Alternative connections:
 - via Mobile Hotspot
 - via USB Tethering
 Note: Does NOT need internet connection!

The Primary Machine (Windows network display server)...
...runs Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7. Macs are not supported.
Dual monitor and multi monitor configurations are supported.
Needs spacedesk drivers installed. Download:

The Secondary Machine or Device (Android network display client)... an Android tablet, phone or device running the spacedesk Android app.

The network...
...connects Windows Primary Machine to Secondary Machine or Device over LAN (Local Area Network e.g. Ethernet) and/or WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network).
Network connection can be wired or over WiFi. TCP/IP network protocol is required.

Need more help? Please visit:
instruction manual:
support forum:

Similar wireless display technology alternatives:

Similar display app alternatives:
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splashtop Wired XDisplay, XDisplay

To get started, the Android device will automatically detect the free Windows desktop app. Click to connect and transform the Android device into a touchscreen display.

To achieve unparalleled performance and display quality with zero lag, try to circumvent WiFi and network Routers. Use USB tethering, WiFi Direct or direct Network cable Connection. For more info see:

Touchpad (relative touch).
Touchscreen (absolute touch)
With mouse pointer control, touchscreen can be used to “click” on screen interfaces.
Gestures, two-finger scrolling, pan and zoom are not yet supported.

Single display, screen duet or multi monitor in a video wall
Ability to choose the position of the extended display relative to the computer
Auto rotation optional (can be turned off)
Auto orientation when Android is turned (works in both landscape and portrait modes)
Primary or secondary display screen in a duet

Use your Android screen to show favorite gadgets, like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.
Use your Android screen as a rendering screen for Photoshop, AutoCAD, etc.
Use your Android screen for side-by-side display of your Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Use your Android screen to read documents in portrait mode
Use your Android screen to read your favorite publications like TechCrunch, TIME, The
Guardian, Forbes, The Verge, Lifehacker, Business Insider or Wall Street Journal
...and many more fancy usage possibilities to explore...

Productivity in a portable way during travel. Multitasking with a screen duet or multiple screens can make twice as productive.

Supported are Android versions 4.1+ and PCs with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Macs are not supported.

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Can't Describe in Words😍😍😍😍👌👌👌👌.
Sanket Patel
So simple to set up. It just works. Install the driver on your pc and it simply shows up. Adjust thevresolution setting on the app to sharpen the screen.
Phil Taylor
This app is amazing. Very little lag especially considering this is working over wifi and is an app, not an actual monitor. This is perfect for having some chat programs open on my tablet while working on my...
Neima Ullah
I expected this to be okay at best, but I installed it and it just WORKED. I configured the video settings and made sure to use my tablet's native resolution and it is SHARP! Of course there's a bit of laten...
Erik Schick
beatrix axe
Excellent, working good
Biplab Shahidullah