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About Samurai of Hyuga 2

Samurai of Hyuga Book 2 is the blood-pumping sequel to the interactive tale you already know. Return to the land of silk and steel, where fantasy and reality clash and tough choices await you at every turn.

Good thing you’re still the toughest ronin around.

Become a bodyguard, a savior, or just a killer with a good excuse. Try to keep your mind intact as you travel down the path of madness, with twisted romances and drama at every turn. Love and lust, spirits and demons. What happens when you can’t tell the difference anymore?

That and so much more await you in the second book of this epic series!

Reclaim your role as a master ronin and reluctant bodyguard for hire!
Find romance or let it find you, tainted and twisted as it may be!
Poetry and board games, dates and kabuki—try not to forget yourself in this unforgettable adventure!
Over 215,000 words of interactive fiction!

Less exciting tome than the first book, but definitely a brilliant experience where you have the chance to create a great story with zero talent 😂
Maya N
I love all of the books
themi themistocleous
Out of the current 4 instalments I liked the settings of this one the most. It took a turn from blood and katana, but I enjoyed how the writer brought a town of arts to life through his writing and extensive...