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About Medieval Designer

Welcome to the town of Robark.

Unlike some other Medieval based games there are no monsters to fight, no characters to talk to, no boring quests to complete. Here your only objective is to decorate these 75 interior spaces any way you want using nearly 2000 items including:

- Furniture

- Kitchenware

- Containers

- Bottles

- Food

- Books

- Shelves

- Armor

- Weapons

- Pottery

- Rugs

- Tables

- Bar

- Wall hangings

- Miscellaneous

This is Medieval Designer.

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Details of Medieval Designer

Category: Games
Supported Platforms: Quest, Quest 2
Supported Player Modes: Sitting, Standing
Genres: Art/Creativity, Adventure, Simulation
Supported Languages: English
Latest Version:
Required Space: 4.04 GB
Total Installed Space: 2.62 GB
Publisher: Big Top Game Studio
Developer: Big Top Game Studio
Release Date: 09-Jun-2021
IARC Rating: PEGI 3
Rating: 4.8
Price: $4.99
Available on: Oculus VR Store

User Reviews

Solid design game. Better than another I've played on the official Quest store. Could use some QoL improvements. I'd like to be able to remove physics from objects I'm not holding (Let a table settle then ...
Great game!