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About Bigscreen Beta

Bigscreen is your VR movie theater.

WATCH 3D movies with friends in a virtual theater.
PLAY your favorite PC video games on a huge screen.
HANG OUT in social VR chat rooms.

We also host events like weekly 3D movie nights and live streams of SpaceX launches!

--- Features ---

VIDEO PLAYER: play local video files stored on your VR headset. Supports 3D MOVIES in Side-by-Side 3D or Over-Under 3D.

REMOTE DESKTOP STREAMING: stream your PC's screen into your VR headset. Wirelessly play your favorite PC games. Play a movie or video on your PC and watch it wirelessly in your VR headset in a virtual movie theater.

TV Channels: watch movies, sports, comedy, and 50+ channels for free 24/7.

CROSS PLATFORM VR headset support!

Public and Private social VR CHAT ROOMS with up to 12 people.

Choose from a variety of environments like campfires and movie theaters.

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Details of Bigscreen Beta

Category: Apps
Supported Platforms: Quest, Quest 2
Supported Player Modes: Sitting, Standing, Roomscale
Genres: Social, Movie, Productivity
Supported Languages: English
Latest Version: 0.904.21.54dbd7-beta-inputs-beta
Required Space: 1.71 GB
Total Installed Space: 0.93 GB
Publisher: Bigscreen, Inc.
Developer: Bigscreen, Inc.
Release Date: 21-May-2019
Rating: 3.9
Price: $0.00
Available on: Oculus VR Store

User Reviews

Bigscreen is on my top 3 things to do in VR and hands down my favourite way to consume entertainment. There needs to be some features added to remove trolls though, as every room you go in you have annoying...
** Overview and walk through link below ** After spending 3 or so hours exploring the App and watching some free to view content you begin to see how limited the App is, for Ma...
This app should be purchased by Oculus so it’s installed in every headset. It is a reason into itself to own a VR headset because it does so much right and where it stumbles- Oculus could likely fix it. Firs...