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About MarineVerse Cup

Sailing is for everyone!

Learn to sail, race in iconic sailing locations, try & master various sailboats.

MarineVerse Cup is a competitive VR sailing racing game, that is approachable, but authentic.

We designed MarineVerse Cup for people who enjoy simulation games and want to test their skills in a competitive setting.

Virtual reality is the only platform that lets you sail from the first person perspective ( FPS ) - the way real sailors do. Join a community of VR sailors competing in thrilling sailing races.

* Sailing tutorials for Yacht & Dinghy
* Time trails and Mini Games with Leader-boards
* Intro Daily Race Practice with Leader-boards

Additional "Sailing Pass" required for:
* Multiplayer ( solo & co-op )
* Pro racing
* Waszp

eSports Sailing in virtual reality.

The game is being developed by a small dedicated indie team. MarineVerse mission is to inspire, train and connect sailors, and share the feeling of this amazing sport with a wide global audience.

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MarineVerse Cup

MarineVerse Cup


Learn to sail, race in iconic sailing locations, try & master various sailboats. Join a community of virtual reality sailors competing in thrilling sailing races. We designed MarineVerse Cup for people who enjoy simulation games and want to test their skills in a competitive setting. Start with a Dinghy and progress to a Yacht. After the race, enjoy Free Sailing mode and watch a sunset in VR. Happy Sailing!




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Details of MarineVerse Cup

Category: Games
Supported Platforms: Quest, Quest 2
Supported Player Modes: Sitting, Standing, Roomscale
Genres: Sports, Relaxation/Meditation, Simulation
Supported Languages: English
Latest Version: 0.595
Required Space: 1.60 GB
Total Installed Space: 1.08 GB
Publisher: MarineVerse
Developer: MarineVerse
Release Date: 24-Feb-2022
IARC Rating: PEGI 3
Rating: 4.5
Price: $19.99
Available on: Oculus VR Store

User Reviews

This experience gets better every update. If you cannot get on the water IRL this is the next best thing, Sharpen your Sail Racing skills, Gives you a practical understanding of wind direction and boat speed...
The phrase easy to play hard to master is perfect for this sailing racing sun. I’ve never sailed in my life but really been enjoying this game. It looks very nice on the stand alone quest, I find myself just...
I have really enjoyed playing this. As a very occasional sailor it is great to gain some confidence. If you want to do racing then this game is perfect. I am not a racer, so here is my wishlist for the futur...