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About 9292

9292 travels with you
The 9292 travel planner allows you to plan all your journeys by tram, train, bus, metro and/or ferry. Enter your journey from A to B and we'll show you the latest travel information, for all public transport in the Netherlands. In the event of changes in your planned journey, we offer alternative travel advice.

The app offers various options for choosing your departure or arrival location: your 'Current location' (via GPS), a recognisable location (shopping centre, station or attraction), an address or bus stop, your contacts and also the locations that you frequently use.

Your unique 9292 home screen
Put your frequently used locations and routes on your home screen. This makes the 9292 app your personal app without the need for an account and you can quickly plan from A to B. Add a stop or station where you often get on to your home screen. You will have the current departure times of that stop ready at hand.

Would you like to store a specific travel advice? You can now do so without needing an account. Use the plus sign in the travel advice. You can find your saved travel advice using the menu in the app.

We also show your recently planned travel advices on your home screen. These are easy to use for re-planning a journey. This allows you to quickly and easily check your travel advice or departure times at home and on the go and you can see if there are any changes on your route.

Cycling before and/or after the journey
Under 'Extra options' you can indicate whether you want to walk or cycle during the before and/or after part of your route. This gives you the most complete advice with all relevant information for travelling from A to B.

Your route on the map
The travel advice shows you a map with the route of this advice. If you click on it, you will see this travel advice step by step on a detailed map. This way you can swipe through your journey!

Possibilities in the app
- Add frequently used locations yourself
- Add frequently used routes yourself
- Add frequently used stops/stations yourself
- Add your own specific travel advice
- Your recently requested travel advices are on your home screen
- Plan your journey with a choice of walking or cycling before and after your journey.
- Overview of current departure times from a stop/station
- Detailed overview of your travel advice on maps incl. bike and/or walking route
- Save travel advice in your calendar
- Share your travel advice via mail and/or social media
- Plan an accessible journeys
- Indicate that you need more transfer time
- Indicate that you want to walk less so that we can find you a departure / disembarkation point closer to you.

Stevo Asare
Very well made nice addition the english and clear to use
Charles Perso Duron
Endang Achadiyati