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About Condico

The app let's you manage and submit your expenses and travel allowances easily and quickly. You will do this without the use of an account and all the paper administration belongs to the past. In the app you can manage settings such as VAT rates, home and work address and the email address of the bookkeeper or accountant to which the expenses are sent.

With a few taps you have added an expense and at the end of the month you have sent your expenses and/or travel allowances with a few taps via your favorite mail app.

• Handy for the self-employed and SMEs to administer expense management without a big software package.
• Privacy: the app doesn't make use of the internet, only when the expenses are sent to the bookkeeper or accountant.
• Easy interface: in the app you can easily create, edit and submit expenses.
• Save time: keep receipts and to fill in forms is no longer the case. With Condico you can capture a photo of the receipt or select a PDF.