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About Live Chat Guide for Azar Free 2020

Azar messenger is a great way of communication. You can both talk to your friends and strange people.
As you can on azar meet new people at the turn of each swipe. Select the region and gender of your choice and start building new conversations.
Even if you don’t know the language of this or that person you can talk to him as your messages can be translated. And this gives you a chance of learning new foreign languages.

In order to have face to face communication you can make azar video calls and have fun with your friends.
As well as use an azar dating app for making new relationships. In order to find people of the same interest you should tell about your preferences.

Here are main features of this application:

1 Play on azar games for fun.
2 Explore new cultures.
3 Simply use an azar recorder.
4 Send and receive messages.
5 Make azar international call.
6 Add anyone you want to your friends list.
Download azar for free and enjoy. All you need to do is just download and install the app. Talk and make friends in a few taps.

This is an unofficial app. We made this app for your pleasure and enjoy being connected with friends.

Gulab Khan
Irfan Brohi