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About Flapping Cage: Avoid Spikes

Make your Bird fly and don't touch the spikes!
In Flapping Cage, birds are trapped into cages full of spikes and traps...
Let them flap through hundreds of different rooms unaware of what will come next!

Every 10 scores you'll be teleported in a new room with random obstacles, In which room will you die?
Challenge hundreds of player online in 4 different servers (newbie, junior, pro and elite) with leaderboards that will be refreshed every hour (The game works also offline)!

Flapping Cage includes:
- 57 Skins to unlock.
- 72 Achievements.
- 150 collectable feathers.
- 10 collectable stars.
- 21 different rooms.
- 18 Ranking levels.
- 5 types of Medals (if you play online): Golden, Silver, Bronze, Top 10 and Top 30.
- 4 types of leaderboard server.
- App playable Online and Offline.

In a few words: Avoid spikes! Be aware of spikes! Don't touch the spikes!
Flapping Cage!


Great game 👍👍
just a channel
XxFirexX Mc
This is an amazing game. I have one question though. Why do you never update it? You totally should
The Evil Seed