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About MMRemote

Have you ever found yourself a couple of feet away from your computer, tired of the currently playing song, but too lazy to actually get up and change it? Fear not, with the MMRemote, this is history!

NOTE: I am just a single hobby developer, and have no affiliation with the MediaMonkey team.

This is a remote client for the media player MediaMonkey for Windows. In order to use this app, you obviously need MediaMonkey itself, but you also need the MMRemote server installed on your computer. This is a free Windows application that can be downloaded from

Have you found a BUG? Please contact me on my e-mail or forum to tell me about it, and I'll do what I can to help you. The forum can be found here:, my e-mail is located at the bottom of this page.

- Works with all versions of MediaMonkey.
- Display track details of currently playing song.
- Quick access to detailed information about any track
- All normal playback functions
- Manipulate the 'Now Playing' list in any way you want.
- Browse your music library using most of the categories from MediaMonkey, and play anything you want.
- Browse your playlists (both manual and auto playlists), and play entire lists or selected songs.
- Control the sound volume of both MediaMonkey and Windows itself (including mute), and override the devices hardware volume buttons if you so wish.
- Rate your songs (with support for half stars).

You get these additional features if you donate to support the development:
- Widget (now with rating)
- Permanent notification
- Computer menu
- Lock screen controls
- Lyrics
- Homescreen shortcuts

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me using the e-mail on this page or the forum:

Vote for new features here!

Known issues:
- Can't control system volume on Windows XP machines (MediaMonkey volume can still be controlled, though).
- Some Windows 7 computers have problems with browsing the library from the remote.
- People with huge playlists should deactivate "Send album arts" in the server to reduce memory usage. Working on a fix.

Great app for controlling media monkey
Evan Liebson
Solid! Does exactly what you need, which is allow you to control PC's music from phone. I had been using JEiver Media Center as I love the pc software, but the JRemote android app is horrendous. I applaud th...
Jim Stern
SK Bishal