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About CleanGuru Janitorial Software

Janitorial Bidding Software! Janitorial Inspection App!

REQUIREMENTS: CleanGuru Membership is required. First time users receive a 30-Day Membership absolutely FREE at


Why CleanBid is Today’s Most Popular Janitorial BIDDING Software

• Fast and Easy! Give the bid a name, pick a building type, choose a cleaning frequency - you’ll get a suggested price and professional proposal.

• Pre-Loaded! building types (office, medical, school etc) and industry-specific cleaning times/production rates are PRE-loaded, so the software can workload your office cleaning job automatically and give you a calculated time per visit.

• No Measurements? No Problem. If you have a list of specific measurements you can easily enter them; but, if you don’t, just enter an estimate of the size of the building and our EXPRESS feature will do the rest, loading measurements and cleaning tasks for you – automatically.

• Customized Bids! You’ll love giving building owners and property managers customized cleaning proposals including your company logo as well as a list of references and detailed job specifications.

• Email Verification! When emailing, your proposal will automatically appear as an attachment with a professionally- worded cover letter and prospect’s email address already filled out for you. Plus, we verify the date and time it was successfully sent.

• 'EVERYTHING in One Place' - View! You can link and view all of your contacts, appointments and bids, work tickets, invoices and inspections in one convenient place - by prospect or customer!

• Security! Your online order is placed through, a reliable and secure ordering system, and your bid information is password protected and backed up automatically.

• Poly/Paper Supplies! You can estimate monthly cost of providing poly/paper supplies like toilet paper, hand towels and hand soap using our consumable products calculator.

• Work Tickets! You can easily manage periodically scheduled carpet, tile and window cleaning projects by scheduling detailed work tickets for your special services or floor crews.


Why CleanQC is Today’s Most Convenient Janitorial INSPECTION App

• Save Time, Fast Set-Up! Simply choose a janitorial bid or building type (office, medical etc) to start your customized inspection

• Easy to Use! Ratings on the quality control inspection are pre-set, so you’ll only need to change them for any areas where you find cleaning issues.

• Lost WiFi? No Problem! You won’t have to cancel or delay an inspection; keep inspecting; your data will be saved and auto-synced as soon as you’re back online.

• Customized Goals Motivate! You’ll like being able to set ‘challenging but achievable’ quality control score goals for your cleaners - by customer

• Follow up is Simple! You’ll love using detailed work ticket for any inspection with cleaning issues; making follow-up a breeze

• Engage Customers! You’ll love emailing or personally delivering our one-of-a -kind ‘Performance Review' of any inspection, for any customer, at any time – highlighting your quality control efforts in an easy-to-understand, graphical format.

• Impress Prospects! With a click, impress even your toughest prospect by including a powerful promotional page and sample inspection right in your bid proposal

CleanGuru provides free unlimited phone and email support.

Phone: 888-531-4878
Email: [email protected]

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very handy. gives very professional looking quotes and accurate quotes
George Guest
works great
Paul Gettig
I have researched this app before. Is this app useful? I just started my floor care business. Can I use this app for business?
Henry Thomas
The most intelligent way of recording details of prospective customers information. I have used Clean Guru for many years and cannot work without it. The best.
Don Sibley
Excellent app. time saver for sure.
Dale Hofmann
A must have for any Janitorial service provider
Ray Gordon