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About NureMath - Math Problem Solver

Already struggling with solving math problems and looking for a powerful math problem solver app to solve almost any math problem? We’ve got you covered, from basic algebra to advanced calculus and trigonometry.

NureMath is an advanced yet easy-to-use math solver app for Android that utilizes an advanced AI-powered math solver algorithm and helps you with your math homework and providing step-by-step math answers. Using this free math photo answer app, you can enter your math problem by drawing, scanning, or even speaking.

A professional math tutor in your pocket: With this free math problem solver app, not only you’ll get answers to a range of different math problems, you will also get a step-by-step answer that help you improve your math skills. It’s like you hire a math tutor who is equipped with a math question solver camera.

Draw, scan or speak your math question, and get the solution in second. NureMath, the free math solver app for Android is all about providing a step-by-step math solution for any math problem you have. To get started, you only need to draw, snap a photo or speak of your question and get a step-by-step solution through the AI-powered math solver engine.

The powerful math photo scanner enables you to snap a photo of your math problem and get the solution in a blink of an eye. There is also the option to speak your math problem and let the math problem solver engine take care of the rest.

Write a math equation on screen: This free math photo scanner and calculator app allows you to write a math question on the screen as you are writing your math question on paper.

What types of math questions can this math solver app cover?
• Algebra: Equation Solving, Polynomials, Simplification, Rational Functions, Matrices, Number, Arithmetic, Fractions, Percentages, Set theory, Expression, Logarithm, Complex Number

• Function: Linear, Quadratic, Polynomial, Exponential, Rational, Logarithmic, Inverse Function

• Trigonometry: Trigonometric Ratios, Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, Reciprocal Properties

• Calculus: Derivatives, Integrals, Limits, Sequences, Products, Sums, Series Expansions, Vector Analysis, the tangent/area problem

• Statistics and Data Analysis: Descriptive Statistics, Regression Analysis, Probability, data representation, random variables, binomial theorem, Poisson distribution, normal distributions, confidence intervals

• Matrix: matrix algebra, the system of linear equations and matrices
• Logic: reasoning and proof, conditional statements, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning

There is one more thing! Besides helping you with solving math equations, this free math solver app has an artificial intelligence feature that lets users search for facts, currency, city, weather, and other topics, and the intelligent assistant replies with information regarding the request.

NureMath main features at a glance:
• Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
• AI-powered math problem solver engine
• Get help with your math homework
• Professional tutor to solve basic and complex math problems
• Get step-by-step math solutions
• Advanced math scanner to snap a math photo
• Free to use math solver app for Android

Download NureMath for free on your Android device and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests, or any other suggestions.

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