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About Gauthmath

【FREE MATH PROBLEM SOLVER】Gauthmath can help and solve all your math homework, just take a photo or scan your math homework, Gauthmath will instantly get you the math problem answer!

【MATH ANSWER IN SECONDS】Gauthmath got thousands of helpers and experts, once they got your math problem photo, an answer will be there instantly, and a step-by-step solution will be provided to you if you needed. Just ask them, anywhere, anytime and even 24/7.

【WORLD'S EASIEST MATH SCANNER】Gauthmath can help you solve all kinds of math problems! Even the hardest types of problems. IB/ A Level/ SAT / ACT / AP / GCSE / HSC math and other advanced mathematics, it covers all kinds of math problems.

· 100% FREE for all functions!
· Solve math problems instantly with a math expert! Faster and better!
· LIVE Math experts available 24/7, NO LIMIT & FREE!
· Math solutions with step by step explanations!
· Gauthmath solves word problems for Math no other tools can!
· Snap a math question, and you will get the problem solved in seconds!

·Word problems
·Algebra (Real Number; Arithmetic; Set theory; Expression; Logarithm; Complex Number)
·Function (Linear; Quadratic; Polynomial; Exponential; Rational; Logarithmic; Inverse Function)
·Geometry (Plane & Solid Geometry; Algebra & lines; lines and planes in space; transformation)
·Trigonometry (Trigonometric Ratios; Law of Sines; Law of Cosines; Reciprocal Properties)
·Calculus (Derivatives; Integrals; Limits; the tangent/area problem)
·Statistics and Data Analysis (Probability; data representation; random variables; binomial theorem; Poisson distribution; normal distributions; confidence intervals)
·Matrix (matrix algebra; the system of linear equations and matrices)
·Logic (reasoning and proof; conditional statements; inductive reasoning; deductive reasoning)

You just need to use your phone to type in or take a photo of the question, then you can instantly get answers from our math experts. Totally Free!!! Gauthmath is your free portable tutor, always ready to provide you with homework help and improve your learning efficiency! With Gauthmath,you will find math problems like a piece of cake!

If you have any problems in mathematics, leave it to Gauthmath! Your most reliable math helper will provide the best math answers for your math homework. Our math expert services will prepare high-quality math help for you and make your math homework and exams much easier!

Gauthmath, your fastest and most trustworthy math helper!


►Email: [email protected]

We are more than happy to answer all your questions and solve any issue, so make sure you contact us before leaving your review!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Gauthmath?

Gauthmath is a free math problem solver app that instantly solves all your math homework by taking a photo or scanning your math problem.

Can Gauthmath solve all types of math problems?

Yes, Gauthmath can solve all types of math problems, including IB/A Level/SAT/ACT/AP/GCSE/HSC math and other advanced mathematics.

How does Gauthmath work?

Gauthmath has thousands of helpers and experts who solve your math problem instantly once they receive your math problem photo. They also provide step-by-step solutions if needed.

What are the main features of Gauthmath?

The main features of Gauthmath are: 100% free for all functions, live math experts available 24/7, math solutions with step-by-step explanations, and the ability to solve word problems for math that no other tools can.

What math topics does Gauthmath cover?

Gauthmath covers a wide range of math topics including algebra, trigonometry, calculus, geometry, statistics and data analysis, matrix, and logic.

Is Gauthmath easy to use?

Yes, Gauthmath is very easy to use. All you need to do is type in or take a photo of the math question, and the app will instantly provide you with answers from their math experts.

Is Gauthmath available for free?

Yes, Gauthmath is available for free and provides all its functions for free.

Can Gauthmath help with my math homework?

Yes, Gauthmath can help with your math homework and provide high-quality math help to make your math homework and exams much easier.

How can I contact Gauthmath?

You can contact Gauthmath by emailing [email protected]. They are happy to answer all your questions and solve any issue.

Where can I find more information about Gauthmath?

You can find more information about Gauthmath on their website, on their Facebook page, and their Instagram page
Seems good from the Ad .
Mohammad Zaid
It can solve my math problems that other apps can't. That kind with many words. And it is very fast
Sibyl Shi
Havent used it yet caz class still at the corner but I saw there was no review so heres your first :D
James John Paul De Baere