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About My City: Paris – Dress up game

There are many fun and exciting places to visit and have fun playing with, as this game comes with lots of new cute clothing & fun accessories &, of course, new characters you can move between all of My City games!

My City: Paris games features:

Fun Locations:We have created many exciting new locations for kids to play and explore: Eiffel tower, Moulin rouge, Museum, Parc Monceau, Louvre Museum, Cafes, and discover why the famous painting and treasures are missing.

New Characters: We have lots of new characters you are going to LOVE! Ever wanted to dance with Moulin Rouge dancers? It is your chance to do so with My City: Paris

Find out why the famous painting and treasures are missing by discovering hidden items and solve mini puzzle games to get unique items

Our virtual world is vast and full of surprises, and we've designed it to bring you lots of joy and fun. You can do everything, bake, do makeup, visit the park, discover treasures, eat and bake in the cafe, enjoy the pizza and even dance with the Moulin Rouge dancers.

Stretch the limits of your imagination here in My City: Paris, where your virtual family awaits!

Arch de Trimophe: visit the beautiful Arch and enjoy the dance area on the French cafe in the park.

Eiffel Tower: hang out with your family, eat some food, bake pizza and visit cafe or play with your mini-games and enjoy the view of the tower.

Moulin Rouge: Dance your way to the magnificent moulin rouge show. make up and discover treasures in this area.

Park Monceau: Visit the park. play with your family and friends and enjoy the beautiful attractions in the area.

Louvre Museum: Visit the paining on the museam and discover other treasures. Find out the mystery on why some of the treasures in the museum are missing.

Welcome to My City Paris

Over 100 million kids have played our games world wide!

Creative Games Kids Love to Play

Think of this game as a fully interactive dollhouse in which you can touch and interact with almost every object you see. With fun characters and highly detailed locations, kids can role-play by creating and playing out their own stories.

Easy enough for a 5-year old to play with, exciting enough for a 12-year old to enjoy!

- Play as you want, stress-free games, Extremely high playability.
- Kids Safe. No 3rd party Ads and IAP. Pay once and get free updates forever.
- Connects with other My City games: All My City games connect together allowing kids to share characters between our games.

More Games, More Story Options, More Fun.

Age group 4-12:
Easy enough for 4 year olds to play and super exciting for 12 year to enjoy.

Play Together:
We support multi touch so kids can play together with friends and family on the same screen!

We love making children games, if you like what we do and want to send us ideas and suggestions for our next games of My City you can do so here:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is My City: Paris?

My City: Paris is a dress-up game that features fun locations in Paris, new characters, and the opportunity to solve mini puzzle games and discover hidden items.

What are the features of My City: Paris?

My City: Paris features exciting locations such as the Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, Louvre Museum, and more. It also introduces new characters and allows players to solve puzzles and find unique items.

Can I interact with objects in the game?

Yes, My City: Paris is like a fully interactive dollhouse where you can touch and interact with almost every object you see.

Is My City: Paris suitable for all ages?

My City: Paris is designed for children aged 4 to 12. It is easy enough for a 5-year-old to play, but exciting enough for a 12-year-old to enjoy.

Are there any in-app purchases in My City: Paris?

No, My City: Paris is a kids safe game with no 3rd party ads or in-app purchases. You pay once and receive free updates forever.

Can I connect My City: Paris with other My City games?

Yes, all My City games connect together, allowing kids to share characters between the games.

Can multiple players play together on My City: Paris?

Yes, My City: Paris supports multi-touch, so kids can play together with friends and family on the same screen.

How can I provide feedback or suggestions for future My City games?

You can send your ideas and suggestions for future My City games on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How can I leave a review for My City: Paris?

You can leave a nice review for My City: Paris on the app store. The developers read all the reviews.
Please fix the game
Beautiful Gift
Is brilliant and cute 😍 ❤ ☺ 💕 ☺ 💖 😊 😍 😊 Tomorrow is halloween in school im so excited your not allowed to wear masks im going to be csvewoman haa haha haa haha well done
Sarah Louise Moss
It is soooo interesting
Diana Owusa
I like this game this is so amazing
Piyush Khoja
it is very cool and the salt children so can learn what does paris look like
Amalia Reyes
Thanks game invented I love it
Madhu Bala