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About Music Tap - Music Rhythm

Music Tap is a brand new music rhythm game . Music Tap will continuously update various popular songs on YouTube. 🎼
You can always find and play your favorite songs in Music Tap. Wear headphones to get a better playing experience! 🎧

🎵 How to play

Music Tap is very easy to play, just follow the melody of the music and tap the screen with your finger.
1. When music notes reach the scoring area, either tap or long-press or flick or long slide the music note.
2. According to the actual timing when you tap the note, you will get the score of [Perfect] and [Excellent]. Try to get as many [Perfect] as possible during the performance to get higher scores.
3. Don't miss any music notes!
4. Unlock more songs and challenge with higher difficulty.

🎵 Game features

- Turn all MVs of YouTube into games, allowing you to enjoy music while playing games!
- Keep MV updates uninterruptedly and find exclusive songs just for you.
- Compete with players from around the world.
- Perfect sound quality music and rhythm from YouTube. Enjoy the original music.
- The same MV has different degrees of difficulty, experience different fun in a same song.

Are you ready to start your music journey! Download Music Tap for free now! 🎶

Good that I got thisml
cheyenne smith