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About NovelToon - Read and Tell Stories

NovelToon is an excellent original free books app. You can read so many kinds of original fun novel - Romance, Fantasy, Modern, Comedy, Time Travel and School Life. Thousands of addictive web novel waiting for you. You can talk with the novelists and become friends, and even suggest them to change the storyline.

Fun Novel readings
Thousands of wonderful stories on NovelToon. You can find all kinds of stories like Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Horror, fanfiction and so on. Get hoocked with free e-books and fan fics! Join the webnovel community and discuss npvel with other novel lovers. Chat with authors and inspire the storyline.

Build Your e-book Library
Download the chatstory you love and read them offline. Bring your free e-book anywhere and read books continuously.

Become a storyteller!
Tell your story on NovelToon and get noticed among tens of millions of readers supporting you. NovelToon is looking for talented authors. If your novel wins fans, you will earn abundant revenue and your best-sellers may also be adapted into comics.

Also a comics fan?
Join us in MangaToon. Find your favorite comics and webnovel. MangaToon and NovelToon are your top free books app choices.

Contact us by Email: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is NovelToon?

NovelToon is a free books app where you can read a variety of original novels and interact with the authors.

What genres of novels can I find on NovelToon?

You can find genres such as Romance, Fantasy, Modern, Comedy, Time Travel, and School Life on NovelToon.

Can I suggest changes to the storyline of the novels?

Yes, you can suggest changes to the storyline and even become friends with the novelists on NovelToon.

What types of stories are available on NovelToon?

NovelToon offers thousands of wonderful stories, including Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Horror, and fanfiction.

Can I download the stories and read them offline?

Yes, you can download the stories you love and read them offline, allowing you to bring your free e-book anywhere.

Can I share my own stories on NovelToon?

Yes, you can share your own stories on NovelToon and gain recognition from millions of readers.

What happens if my novel becomes popular?

If your novel gains a fan base, you can earn revenue and even have the possibility of it being adapted into comics.

Is NovelToon only for novels or can I also find comics?

If you're a comics fan, you can join MangaToon, which is also available alongside NovelToon.

How can I contact NovelToon for support?

You can contact NovelToon via email at [email protected].